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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Like Jonathan Like Buhari: A Packaged Lie Sold To Us By APC Ponzi Scheme

Going by the same parameters which we used to conclude that Goodluck Jonathan ran a corrupt government and by extension was a corrupt president, we can now confidently say that President Buhari runs a corrupt government and by extension is a corrupt president. I will explain.

Up till today, those of us who called Goodluck Jonathan a corrupt leader based our allegations not necessarily on his person but on the person and lifestyle of his appointees. We did not appoint his ministers and appointees, he did. So when they (his appointees) become corrupt and he does nothing about it, we simply conclude that the man who appponted them is complicit. Perhaps they are stealing for him and on his behalf. Whatever Dasuki did, Jonathan should be held responsible. That is the standard way to judge elected leaders.
Going by the above standard, we can see that President Buhari is actually a corrupt leader. If anybody under Buhari's govt spends hundreds of millions to clear grass, then obviously, Buhari sent him to do that. This is the standard we used on Goodluck Jonathan, this is the standard we are to use on Buhari. We did not appoint your appointees, you did, so you take responsibility for their actions.

If you did not send him to steal, you will not hesitate to disown his action by firing him. Standard practice.

I have always said that there is nothing that we witnessed under GEJ that we will not witness under PMB. If you understand the depth of this my regular assertion, you will see that our Presidents are actually slaves to the skewed unitary corrupt system. The system overwhelms their personal integrity and reduces them to rag. They are victims too.

If you are interested in fighting corruption, then stop supporting this evil system. No president can lead Nigeria and not end up having the corruption tag. You cannot operate a corrupt system and not end up corrupting yourself.

President Buhari is a corrupt leader, just like his predecessor. He also tells incredible lies on national TV; another form of corruption The fight against corruption is a joke.

If you still have hope in this Buhari, then goodluck to you. The man has no special integrity. He is just like every other leader; crude, clueless, corrupt, nepotic, etc. Buhari was a packaged lie sold to us by the APC ponzi scheme.

If by now if you are not convinced that Nigeria has a structural problem, then you are part of the problem with Nigeria. These leaders cannot solve our problems using a defective system of govt. They will only end up disgracing themselves and the country.

Our politicians are also victims of this bad system. No leader can succeed under our system. None.

Anyway, let's keep deceiving ourselves.


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