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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Brexit nightmare - by Reuben Abati

What has the United Kingdom just done to itself, its people and the future of its youth?

It is difficult to fully understand why a country in taking a decision about its future will decide on a false option that seems to negate long-term interests.

And this, just because a total of 17.4 million people out of over 61 million chose to vote against the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the EU.

More than 50% of these pro-Brexit voters are actually between the age bracket: 50-70.

Thus an ageing class of voters has taken a decision to undermine the future of the younger generation.

Pro-EU Prime Minister David Cameron said he was “courageous and optimistic” when in January 2014, he tried to justify the need for a referendum.

His words then:


Our attention has been drawn to a malicious and misleading publication onPointblanknews.com, an online medium, accusing the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Chief Audu Ogbeh, and his Minister of State, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, of bribery in connection with payment of fertiliser suppliers.

The write-up, replete with inconsistencies, contradictions, incorrect details and allegations that were generally baseless and particularly mischievous, alleged that FMARD is in charge of payments to contractors, when, in fact, the Federal Ministry of Finance is saddled with these. The online news medium needs to do thorough investigations before amplifying any allegations brought to it by any complainant.

PHOTONEWS: Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fayose Protest Rocks Ekiti

Buhari, Nigeria and the IMF: Echoes from the past by Paul Adams

Nigeria came full circle in April 2015 when it elected Muhammudu Buhari as president, turning in mid-crisis to a former military ruler now convinced of the merits of democracy. Soon after his election, the tortuous course of the relationship Nigeria had embarked upon with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the 1980s, during Buhari’s first spell in charge, looked set for a reprise.

A cycle recurs roughly every ten years in Nigeria. Oil prices weaken or crash whilst the president spends recklessly to try and hold on to power. He is dislodged and a new president declares the treasury empty and holds talks with the IMF. No deal is agreed, but the World Bank and other donors offer bigger loans on less strict conditions. The oil price picks up – and it’s “business as usual” till the next crash. Successive governments have had just enough oil money in times of crisis to say “no thanks” to the IMF’s cash and policies, and to win public acclaim for standing up to it.

IMF policy prescriptions and oversight can affront national pride, especially that of Nigerians. Allowing the IMF to scrutinise the national accounts also threatens the ruling elite, which is reliant on control of the country’s resources. Nigeria’s accounting for its vast oil revenue and expenditure is at best, and by design, opaque.

Crusade against corruption

100 MPs set to back Boris Johnson

BORIS Johnson has stormed ahead in the race to become Tory leader, with at least 100 MPs expected to back the ex-London mayor. 

And private polling reveals only Mr Johnson has the ability to secure a General Election victory by reaching out to swing voters across the country. The outspoken Brexit campaigner has already been backed by Culture Secretary John Whittingdale and Environment Secretary Liz Truss.

Dominic Raab, the Justice Minister, and Farming Minister George Eustice have also thrown their weight behind Mr Johnson's leadership bid. Mr Johnson, who once said he was more likely to be "reincarnated as an olive" than become Prime Minister, is expected to declare later today.

Lagos State Inagurates LAISEC - Ambode Remarks

Remarks Delivered By His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, Governor Of Lagos State At The Inauguration Of The Chairman And Members Of The Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LAISEC) Held On Wednesday 29th June, 2016

We have just witnessed the swearing in ceremony for the new Chairman and members of the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission.

This ceremony is coming after the Lagos State House of Assembly carried out due diligence and subsequent confirmation of the Chairman and members of the Commission. I thank the Right Honourable Speaker and members of the Assembly for their cooperation and understanding.

The Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission is a statutory body with the responsibility of conducting local government elections in the State. The Commission therefore has a critical role in the democratic process of the State.

Unsuspected ritualists Invades Edo, Killed four persons

Unsuspected ritualists has invaded the sleeping town of Ubiaja, Headquarters of Esan South East local government Area killing four persons with their sensitive parts removed.

The lawmaker representing the area in the state house of Assembly, Mr Festus Udughele told the Parliament at their yesterday sitting that activities of unidentified hoodlums had led to the killing of some persons with their bodies mutilated.


The Deputy Chief of Defence Staff of the Malian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Didier Dacko has eulogised the Nigerian Armed Forces for their exceptional role in peace keeping and high professional conduct in all military operations in the sub-region, Africa and around the globe.

Brigadier General Dacko made the commendation when he visited the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja. While praising the Nigerian Armed Forces for its leadership role in the West African sub-region, he stated that he was in DHQ to understudy the Nigerian Armed Forces winning strategy against the dreaded Boko Haram Terrorists so that his country can replicate same in tackling the security challenges in Mali.

Mid Year Audit Exercise: GTBank to close Early Tomorrow, Informs Customers

The Guaranty Trustt Bank plc has discolsed to their numerouse customers that the Bank will enforce Early Closure on Thursday, 30th June 2016 to enable the bank complete its half year audit exercise.

According to the e-mail statement sent to their customers, Lagos branches will close at 3pm, and other branches outside Lagos will close at 2pm on this day. Customers are encourage to take other alternative channels to check their account balance, transfer funds, pay bills, purchase airtime and manage their accounts 24/7:

The Email statement reads:


A Biafran lawyer recently sued President Muhammadu Buhari over his WAEC school certificate, probably thinking that the President forged his WAEC like they do in Biafra. The President did not go about shouting or wailing or screaming that he has immunity from prosecution, instead he got himself some lawyers to handle the issue in court!

But what do we have from the troika of the Fayoses, Sarakis and Ekweremadus? One is claiming immunity for his bank accounts while one is hallucinating about some cabal hijacking the Presidency as if we didn't know that he leads a cabal that has hijacked Kwara State for donkey years and also wants to hijack the Nigerian Senate, and the other is now busy writing foreign embassies and even the UN, claiming that President Buhari wants to silence him, and I surmise that he has forgotten that in those countries to which he is writing letters, crooks and forgers don't lead their Senates; in fact, they are arrested with handcuffs!

Comparing Messi and Ronaldo, Stop it!

All these people comparing Messi and Ronaldo. Stop it! E ma fi iku we arun. Ronaldo is nobody's mate. It is very easy to thrive under love and praises, but a man that can thrive under hate and criticism is king.
Messi has been loved all his life. Ronaldo has been hated all his life. Why? Because, according to his haters," the guy too proud".
Do you know what it means to play in a stadium with the fans of the opposing team chanting against you? Now imagine the fans of your own club chanting against you. When Fergie signed Ronaldo, the whole of England hated him cos of his world cup clash with Rooney. Ronaldo played in front of Manchester United fans and they booed him. Imagine the whole stadium booing you. The day he won the Old Trafford fans to his side was a match against Portsmouth. They were booing him until he sent in the shot. Old Trafford went quiet that day, then erupted in jubilation. He silenced his haters, one shot at a time.

How Suspected Islamic State suicide bombers kill 41 at Istanbul airport, One terminal at New York’s JFK airport evacuated

Turkish investigators pored over video footage and witness statements on Wednesday after three suspected Islamic State suicide bombers opened fire and blew themselves up in Istanbul's main airport, killing 41 people and wounding 239.

One terminal at New York’s JFK airport evacuated as precaution over report of suspicious package.

The attack on Europe's third-busiest airport was the deadliest in a series of suicide bombings this year in Turkey, part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State and struggling to contain spillover from neighboring Syria's war.

President Tayyip Erdogan said the attack should serve as a turning point in the global fight against terrorism, which he said had "no regard for faith or values".


When was the EFCC established?
April 13, 2003

When was the EFCC Act Enacted?

The EFCC Establishment Act was first enacted in 2002 and amended in 2004.

Why was the EFCC Established?

The EFCC was established because of the determination of the Federal Government to combat fraudulent activities of some Nigerians and foreigners, mismanagement in the economic sector, corruption by public officials and lack of accountability and transparency that led to the listing of Nigeria as a haven for money laundering and other financial crimes. The EFCC was therefore established with the mandate to sanitize the system.

How is the Commission managed on a day-to-day basis?

How to fight Corruption’s Fight Back By Pius Adesanmi

By now, it should be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf (apologies to Patrick Obahiagbon) within the Buhari administration that corruption does not intend to limit her war against the anti-corruption war to the mere deployment of the enormous resources at its disposal.

All the guys in the dock have been stealing massively from Nigeria for a very long time so they have limitless financial resources and they are pumping such massively into a well-honed strategy aimed at delegitimizing the anti-corruption war.

Some deploy financial resources in the effort to derail the struggle against corruption while others are more adept at strategizing beyond money. Saraki, for instance, has spared no naira in his massively-funded operations against the anti-corruption war. He has done everything from creating a fake Sahara Reporters to trying to buy every available voice in Nigeria and deploy them in the service of his own counter-narratives.

COLLABORATION AGAINST CORRUPTION: EFCC Paid Courtesy Visit to Media Organizations in South East

As part of the EFCC’s renewed effort to take the anti-graft fight to the grassroots and in fulfillment of its preventive mandate as being championed by the acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, the Director, Public Affairs Department, Osita Nwajah, paid courtesy visit to some media organizations in the South East. 

The tour took him to NTA, Enugu; Dream FM Enugu; Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Enugu network station and News Agency of Nigeria, NAN. 

At Dream FM, Nwajah was received by the station’s Managing Director and Head of Operation, Mr. Antonio Cruise and Nwosu Chidioze respectively; at FRCN, it was the zonal director, Ike Ken Okere, who expressed his delight in the visit, saying it was good in fostering institutional cooperation for the greater good of the country. 

Edo Guber Poll and Nigerian Politicians in an Election Year (Pls Identify them in these Photos)

Our political leaders are very patriotic only in an election year. Before and after the election year, they are found of using "I don't care spectacles" looking away from the real problems of hunger, bad roads, insecurity, collapsed education system, hospitals without drugs and many more with which people are groaning under.
These are APC Rice, PDP's Rice On The Way!
But here during  the election periods, you will see them with the display of various kind of mad sympathy and afinities for the surffering people who they want to steal from for the next four years!

See the rest of the pics...

STAR OOPS: Brexiters Have a Buyers' Remorse - But Is it Not Too Late? - Bolaji Aluko

You can now see buyers' remorse in the UK already, and a request for a second referendum because "less than 75% voted and the winning vote was less than 60%" - according to a curious petition demand!:

This is what was very worrying to me over an issue as important as this: even if ten people more had voted to "Brexit" rather than to "Bremain", we would still be talking about this Brexit move.

FG Realises N3tr from TSA, Says SystemSpecs

The Federal Government has saved N3 trillion in the Treasury Single Account (TSA), the firm handling it, SystemSpecs Limited, has said.

SystemSpecs Chief Executive Officer (CEO), John Obaro, who made this known last weekend, said the TSA has reduced debt servicing costs, liquidity reserves and enhanced the effective use of surplus cash.

He said his firm would continue to deliver on its terms of contract with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), despite being owed its fees on e-collections since March, last year.

Some banks, he said, were rejecting the collection of deposits for the non-payment of the fees. “From our end, we have continued to provide and support the Remita platform, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, for use by citizens for all their payments to the Federal Government. Our continued support for the TSA is fueled by our belief in the enormous benefits the Remita software brings to the implementation of TSA for the average citizen.

BREXIT UPDATE: Boris Johnson for Prime Minister

It is impossible to doubt that, if the referendum were to be held again today, the knife-edge “Leave” majority would be reversed and “Remain” would win handsomely. Brexiteers in their thousands would reverse their choice, appalled by the unimagined magnitude of the economic catastrophe brought down upon us by Cameron’s folly—recklessly playing Russian Roulette with the country’s long-term future in the interests (as he himself admitted) of short term political appeasement within his own party.

It is said that to call a second referendum would be undemocratic. I argued in these pages that to call a referendum in the first place violated the principles of representative democracy. We are a parliamentary democracy, not a mob-rule plebiscite democracy (yob-rule, one might say, in the light of Nigel Farage’s oafish grin). No Prime Minister would invoke “democracy” in calling a referendum to bring back hanging and flogging. So why hand over a much more momentous and complex decision to a populace whose level of sophistication may be judged from the number who googled “What is the EU?” the day after voting to leave it?

Hijab, CAN and religious tolerance By Dauda Ayanda

On September 11, 2003, two teachers at the Franklin Science Academy in Muskogee, Oklahoma, were discussing the terrorist attacks that had occurred exactly two years earlier, when they spotted a sixth grader, Nashala Hearn, wearing a Muslim headscarf.

The school’s dress code prohibited students from wearing “hats, caps, bandanas, plastic caps, or hoods on jackets inside the building.” One of the teachers sent Nashala to the principal, who warned and later suspended the eleven-year-old when she continued to wear the scarf. The school attorney said, “You treat religious items the same as you would any other item, no better or worse. Our dress code prohibits headgear, period.” The school was willing to articulate the Establishment Clause argument against its initial antagonist, the Rutherford Institute, a Christian civil liberties foundation that assisted the Hearns in filing their complaint in a federal court. 

When the US Justice Department intervened by filing additional briefs against the school in the spring of 2004, however, the school quickly caved in.
Under a settlement agreement, the school agreed to change the dress code so as to include an accommodation, or exception, for religious headgear (hijab). The school also paid an undisclosed sum of monetary damages to the Hearn family. In response, Assistant Attorney General Alexander Acosta issued a public statement that “This settlement reaffirms the principle that public schools cannot require students to check their faith at the schoolhouse door.”

Accessing Capital Funds Now Based On Performance, FG Says

Quarterly releases of funds for capital projects will no longer be automatic but subject to meeting of key performance indicators by Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies (MDA), Minister of Budget and National Planning, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma, has said. 

The minister disclosed this yesterday in an opening address at the 2016 Annual Public Lecture of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) held in Abuja. 

The government is set to make some capital releases for the coming quarter as the second quarter of the year draws to a close. N1.79 trillion or 29 per cent of the N6.06tr 2016 budget has been earmarked for capital expenses. 


Pastor (Dr) E. O. Abina


“…But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” (Gen 6:8).

Grace is unmerited or special favour. As you enter this month which is the beginning of the second half of this year:

Ø You will experience God’s favour.

Days of military misadventure into politics will never repeat itself – Buratai

ABUJA—Following recent disclosure by some senior officers of the Nigerian Army, including the 38 officers sacked by the Army Council for alleged complicity and partisanship in the 2015 general election, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai, has dared those not satisfied with the process to go to court. 

Buratai admitted that some of the officers had petitioned the Army Council and other quarters over their alleged unjust retirement, insisting that due process was followed to the letter. 

Speaking on the allegations regarding his family’s purchase of houses in Dubai and that of the alleged purchase of refurbished weaponry and logistics equipment which were presented as brand new, the Army Chief described such allegations as the handiwork of cyber and internet terrorists who had been defeated on land at the epicenter of Boko Haram insurgency.


Oops! Woops! I haven't missed the sardonic relish on the faces and voices of Failing Wailers aka Wailing Wailers as they feasted on the non-story of the so called story of the ownership of two houses in Dubai by our Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai. From some followers of the man in Zaria city who felt General Buratai should have allowed them to punch the chests and faces of military officers without repercussion to the bulk of the followers of the man who famously said stealing is not corruption, the feast over the General's ownership of those two houses in Dubai was huge, and till now, wherever and whenever you see them, the glint of mirth on their foreheads over the deliciousness of this "tasty meal" is as bright as the brightness of a policeman's torch!

But wait a minute! While it is understandable to pardon the followers of the Zaria man for being so naive to expect the country's army to allow them ride roughshod over their troops, which even Iran itself can never ever allow, it is utterly unpardonable for Failing Wailers to mock or deride or accuse General Buratai of any wrongdoing over his ownership of two landed properties in Dubai! Why so? All the news stories about the General's Dubai properties have stated that the man has duly declared them in his assets declaration forms at the Code of Conduct Bureau, and that they are available for the scrutiny of the media and the public, which then clearly gives him a clear moral edge over ALL his accusers. First impression is, if those two properties were proceeds of some shady deals then the General wouldn't have had the audacity to include them in his assets declaration forms; he would have considered the option of that famous Senator who is battling so many cases of fraud even up to Panama!


Today, Tuesday 28th June 2016, troops of 121 Task Force Battalion, 26 Task Force Brigade, accompanied by a large number of Civilian JTF from Gwoza, embarked on a very aggressive patrol that dislodged remnants Boko Haram terrorists hibernating at Ngoshe and Gava villages, located close to Gwoza on the mountainous terrain.

The essence of the robust patrol which was supported by the Nigeria Air Force and Cameroonian Defence Forces who provided air cover and real time Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, was to clear the remnants of the terrorists hiding in the mountainous area and rescue all persons held hostages by the Boko Haram terrorists.

While advancing towards their objective in Ngoshe, the patrol team encountered Boko Haram terrorists. They have to clear the delay positions staged by the terrorists through the support of the Nigeria Air Force fighter jets.


The Emir of Kano, His Royal Majesty, Mohammadu Sanusi II has urged the Acting Inspector-General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris, NPM, mni, to strengthen his resolve to fight crimes in the country.

In his letter of congratulations to IGP Ibrahim Idris on his recent appointment as the Inspector-General of Police, His Royal Majesty Mohammadu Sanusi II, said he received with great pleasure the news of the appointment of IGP Idris as the Acting Inspector-General of Police, and therefore wished to congratulate him on this lofty appointment.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Forgery Suit: Senate issues fresh summon on AGF - Punch

The Senate, through its committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, on Tuesday, issued a fresh summon to the Attorney – General of the Federation, who is also the Minister of Justice, Mallam Abubakar Malami.

Malami was being invited by the senate for instituting a forgery case against the presiding officers of the upper chamber, and two top management staff of the National Assembly.

The senate had first summoned Malami, following a motion moved by Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West Senatorial District, who relied on order 14 and 52, to demand the approval of his colleagues for his two prayers including the invitation of the AGF and the genuineness of the rule book.


The Federal Government is set to start consultations with beneficiaries and other stakeholders on the restructuring and refocusing of the multi-billion Naira Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) programme with the objective of injecting new ideas for its sustainability.

The Federal Ministry of Finance, which has been running the programme from inception, has scheduled the consultation for July 22, 2016 in Abuja, where representatives of the beneficiaries drawn from the six-geo-political zones and other stakeholders would chart a way forward for the programme.

Stupid is What Stupid Does: Nigerian Govt Orders Sack of Striking Doctors - Kayode Adebayo

Nigerian public office holders think and act stupid. They lack crisis management techniques. This is the same stupid solution that Babatunde Fashola adopted, when doctors were striking in Lagos State a few years back. He ordered the sack of the striking doctors, just like Adebowale. Like I said at the time, foreign governments and companies would snatch some of them up quickly. Saudi Arabia and Dubai are good example of countries that offer good pay to Nigerian doctors. Nigeria has only 35,000 medical doctors and needs at least 237,000 doctors to be comfortable. Instead of Nigerian public officials trying to work with striking doctors, they act stupid by firing them and eventually losing some of them to foreign countries. They will never learn.

Stupid is what Stupid does. You can't stop Stupid from acting Stupid.

N2bn fraud: EFCC Presents More Witness Against Oronsaye, Others

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC on June 28, 2016 presented two more witnesses at the continuation of the trial within a trial, in a N2 billion fraud case involving a former Head of Service, HoS, to the Federation, Stephen Oronsaye, and Osarenkhoe Afe, managing director of Federick Hamilton Global Services Limited. 

They were charged along with Cluster Logistic Limited; Kangolo Dynamic Cleaning Limited, and Drew Investment & Construction Company Limited, before Justice Gabriel Kolawole of a Federal High Court, Abuja.‪#‎Steveoronsanye‬. ‪#‎Fraud‬ ‪#‎EFCC‬.


As part of the continuous efforts of making parts of the north western geo-political region of Nigeria free of the menace of cattle rustling, armed banditry and other criminal activities such as kidnapping, today, troops of 223 Battalion, 1 Division Nigerian Army, deployed at Bena, raided and destroyed suspected cattle rustlers and armed bandits camps in Zamfara State.

The raided camps were located at a forest in Rikwa village, Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State. 

Arms Deal: How Badeh Wanted Me to Claim Own Property - Witness

The trial of a former Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, Air Chief Marshal Alex S. Badeh, continued on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 before Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court sitting in Maitama, Abuja with the prosecution witness, Mustapha Yerima, further stating how he was pressured by the defendants to claim the property allegedly acquired with the proceeds of crime.

 Badeh is standing trial alongside Iyalikam Nigeria Limited for allegedly abusing his office as Chief of Defense Staff by using the dollar equivalent of the sum of N1.4billion (One Billion, One Hundred Million Naira) removed from the accounts of the Nigerian Air Force to purchase properties in choice areas of Abuja between January and December, 2013 - an offence which contravenes Section 15 (2) (d) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011 (as amended) and punishable under Section 15(3) of the same Act.. 


Gentlemen of the press, good morning and welcome to the press briefing on Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL) 2016. This year’s NADCEL promises to be unique albeit low key, it will showcase the Nigerian Army’s commitment as a professionally responsive force in the discharge of its constitutional roles.

The Nigerian Army as a force has the constitutional mandate to maintain the country’s territorial integrity. Therefore, a succinct reminiscence on the history of the Nigerian Army is desirable as my point of departure, to aptly illustrate the milestones so far covered by our noble institution. The history of the Nigerian Army could be traced to 1863, when Lieutenant Glover of the Royal Navy organized 18 indigenes of Northern Nigerian into a local force known as the “Glover Hausas”. This local force metamorphosed and eventually became part of a larger body established by Lord Fredrick Lugard in 1889, which was named the West African Frontier Force (WAFF) in 1890. The Nigerian Army has since then undergone several transformations with consequent changes in name and structure which include the Nigerian Regiment, Queen’s Own Nigerian Regiment, and the Nigerian Military Force. At Nigeria’s Independence in 1960, it became known as the Royal Nigerian Army, and finally the “Nigerian Army” in 1963, when Nigeria attained Republican Status.

Dasukigate: How $40m Was Paid to Jonathan’s Cousin’s, Robert’s Company Account - Witness

The trial of Azibaola Robert, a cousin to the former President, Goodluck Jonathan began on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, presenting its first witness, PW1, Ibrahim Mahe who gave account of how he transferred $40million to ‘One Plus Holdings Nig Ltd’, a company allegedly owned by Robert. Robert and his wife, Stella Robert are standing trial on a 7-count charge before Justice Nnamdi O. Dimgba of the Federal High Court sitting in Maitama, Abuja for money laundering, criminal breach of trust and corruption

Mahe, a retired permanent secretary, special services in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, while being led in evidence by counsel to EFCC, Sylvanus Tahir, told the court that, he did not know the first and second defendants (Robert and Stella), but got to know the third defendant, One Plus Company through a transaction.

N4.9bn money laundering: Court Remands Nenadi Usman, Fani - Kayode in Prison

The EFCC on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 arraigned Nenadi Esther Usman, a former Minister of Finance and Director of Finance PDP Presidential Campaign Organization in the last general election; Femi Fani-Kayode also a former Minister and Director Media/Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization; Danjuma Yusuf and Jointrust Dimensions Nigeria Limited before Justice M. S. Hassan of the Federal High Court Lagos, on a 17-count charge bordering on conspiracy, stealing, corruption and making cash payments exceeding the amount authorized by law.

The accused were alleged to have stolen and illegally disbursed about N4.9 billion Naira belonging to the Federal Government of Nigeria for political and personal uses. The defendants pleaded not guilty to all the charges preferred against them. The Judge, however, ordered that the defendants be remanded in prison custody and adjourned to Friday, July 1, 2016 for hearing of bail applications.

Open the Prison's Gate, I Am Ready to Go to Jail - Saraki

The President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki, said he was ready to lose his freedom to entrench democracy and stabilise governance in the country.

This is contained in a statement signed by him and issued on Monday in Abuja.

Saraki was reacting to the trial of the leadership of the Senate, which began on Monday, over alleged forgery of the 2015 Senate Standing Orders.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a Federal High Court in Abuja granted bail to Mr. Saraki, his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu and two others over the alleged forgery.


Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Yakubu Mahmood, has urged Heads of Publicity Units and Voter Education of the Commission to ensure they are proactive and reverse the growing tendency for stakeholders to misconstrue the Commission’s processes and laws.

He said: “To our discomfort, and in spite of the fact that our laws provide for inconclusive elections - and indeed they are not peculiar to this Commission - Nigerians assume that inconclusive elections are bad”.

The INEC Chairman made the call yesterday at the opening of a three-day workshop on Strategic Communication and Review of Voter Education Strategies for Heads of Department (VEP) and Public Affairs Officers (PAOs) at the Newton Park Hotel, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja.

Career/Political Appointees: 4 states don’t have qualified ambassadorial nominees

The names of the ambassadors released so far, with their names and states grouped in political zones for ease of finding out which have been omitted are as follows:

1 Sonaike Adekunbi Abibat (Ogun)
2. Olatunde Adesesan (Ekiti)
3. Balogun Hakeem (Lagos)
4. Bankole Adegboyega Adeoye (Ogun)----------No Ondo State
5. Ibidapo-Obe Oluwasegun (Osun)
6. Ogundero Sakirat (Oyo)
7. Emmanuel Kayode Oguntause (Ekiti)
8. Obinna Chukwuemeka Agbugba (Abia)
9. Okeke Vivian Nwunaku (Anambra)
10. Lilian Ijeukwu Onoh (Enugu)--------------No Ebonyi State
11. Ngozi Ukaeje (Imo)
12. Nonye Udo (Anambra)
13. Kenneth C. Nwachukwu (Imo)


Ten trainees of Student Pilot Course 41B have completed their ab-initio pilot training at 301 Flying Training School (FTS), Kaduna. 

The graduands, awarded certificates over the weekend, are now ready to proceed for Basic Flying Training (BFT) on the fixed wing aircraft at 303 FTS Kano or similar facilities abroad. The graduating students were among the 25 original members of Student Pilot Course 41 that was later divided into two batches of 12 and 13 students. 

Six members of the first batch of students, constituting Student Pilot Course (SPC) 41A, were sent for rotary wing flying at the International Helicopter Flying Training School, Enugu. The remaining six, comprising 4 Nigerians and 2 Liberians, continued their training in 301 FTS and completed the course in 2015. 

I’ll enforce withdrawal of riot policemen as personal guards, place ban on road block, says IG

•’Sack of AIGs is mere speculation’

The Ag. Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris has vowed to enforce the withdrawal of riot policemen serving as personal guards.

He also said the ban on road block was a directive from the Federal Government and remains.

Idris, who also dismissed the rumour of the sack or forced retirement of some Assistant Inspectors General (AIGs) and other senior officers as mere speculation, spoke in Abuja during his maiden meeting with senior officers of the Force.

Some of the topics that were discussed include: Declaration of assets, withdrawal of Police Mobile Force,(PMF) personnel, restructuring of Special Anti Robbery Squad, PMF, Counter Terrorism Unit, formation of eminent persons forum in each state command, and establishment of joint operations centre in each state Command, among others.

N1.2bn Fraud: Dariye’s Witness Tells Court, Ex-Gov Wrong to Divert Funds

A former Plateau State House of Assembly member, Geoffrey Teme, on June 27, 2016 told a Federal Capital Territory, FCT, High Court, Gudu, Abuja, that it was wrong for Joshua Dariye, a former governor of the state, to divert the state’s ecological fund for personal gains.

Under cross-examination by prosecuting counsel, Rotimi Jacobs, SAN, Teme, the second defence witness, admitted that “it was wrong for anybody to pay government money into his personal account”.

A Government Within the Government of President Buhari, Saraki's Statement on Commencement of Trial at FCT High Court

Abuja, Nigeria, June 27---Today we the leaders of the Nigerian Senate reiterate our innocence against the charges filed by the Attorney General of the Federal Government of Nigeria at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court on the allegations of forgery of the Senate Standing Rules document.

In our view, the charges filed by the Attorney General represent a violation of the principle of the Separation of Powers between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch as enshrined in our Constitution. Furthermore, it is farcical to allege that a criminal act occurred during Senate procedural actions and the mere suggestion demonstrates a desperate overreach by the office of the Attorney General. These trumped up charges is only another phase in the relentless persecution of the leadership of the Senate

This misguided action by the Attorney General begs the question, how does this promote the public interest and benefit the nation? At a time when the whole of government should be working together to meet Nigeria’s many challenges, we are once again distracted by the Executive Branch’s inability to move beyond a leadership election among Senate peers. It was not an election of Senate peers and Executive Branch participants.


President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, claims there is “now a government within the government of President Buhari”, which has allegedly seized the apparatus of Executive powers to pursue a nefarious agenda.

This claim by Senator Saraki would have been more worth the while, if it had been backed with more information. If he had proceeded to identify those who constitute the “government within the government,” it would have taken the issue beyond the realm of fiction and mere conjecture.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

PRESS STATEMENT: APC Youths caution party against blocking FG bailout to Ekiti

Youths in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, under the aegis of Ekiti APC Youths Congress (EAYC) have cautioned the party against any move that could prevent the State from benefitting from the Federal Government bailout Fund, which is aimed at assisting States that are unable to pay workers salary to do so.

The youths, who reacted to the alleged plot being spearheaded by some leaders of the APC in Abuja to stop Ekiti State from getting the federal government bailout fund, said it will be wicked for anyone to want the people of the State, especially the workers to surfer because of politics.

In a press statement issued in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday and jointly signed by Mr Tope Ogunkuade and Comrade Tunji Adeleye, Convener and Secretary respectively, the EAYC reiterated their advice to leaders of the APC to prepare for 2018 instead of wasting time and resources on Fayose’s removal, which has failed to materialise since 2014.

The New York Times - C.I.A. Arms for Syrian Rebels Supplied Black Market, Officials Say

AMMAN, Jordan — Weapons shipped into Jordan by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia intended for Syrian rebels have been systematically stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold to arms merchants on the black market, according to American and Jordanian officials.

Some of the stolen weapons were used in a shooting in November that killed two Americans and three others at a police training facility in Amman, F.B.I. officials believe after months of investigating the attack, according to people familiar with the investigation.

The existence of the weapons theft, which ended only months ago after complaints by the American and Saudi governments, is being reported for the first time after a joint investigation by The New York Times and Al Jazeera. The theft, involving millions of dollars of weapons, highlights the messy, unplanned consequences of programs to arm and train rebels — the kind of program the C.I.A. and Pentagon have conducted for decades — even after the Obama administration had hoped to keep the training program in Jordan under tight control.


They think we have forgotten:

-Then President Jonathan sacked the President of the Appeal court because he refused to compromise on the case involving the ruling party and ruling that forensic examination be allowed on materials used for the 2011 Presidential election. Even when the NJC asked that he be reinstated, Jonathan refused yet, he is your HERO OF DEMOCRACY.

- All the security details attached to then Speaker of House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal were withdrawn by the Federal Government led by Jonathan yet, you still didn't see any reason not to worship him.

- For weeks in 2014, the Governor of Kano State kept shouting that security aides posted to watch over the state house were recalled as a result of orders from above, not once did you accuse Jonathan of tyranny.

- For appointing Sanusi Lamido as Emir of Kano which was within the rights and powers of the Kano State Government, Jonathan ordered security agents to lay siege at the Emir's palace. For days, the Emir operated from the Kano State Government House. You didn't call Jonathan by the dictatorship that he was acting out then.

How Troops rescue 5,000 Boko Haram captives, Kill 10 terrorists

Abuja – Several months after the federal government declared it has defeated Boko Haram, Nigerian military at the weekend rescued over 5, 000 hostages held captive by the terrorists’ group while ten terrorists were killed in several clearance operation in the North East.

One Civilian JTF member was killed, a soldier, policeman and another Civilian JTF member wounded during the encounters while arms, ammunition and logistics equipment in large quantities were recovered from the terrorists.

Confirming the rescue of the hostages and clearance operations in a statement, Col Sani Usman, Acting Director of Army Public Relations said, “Troops of 21 Brigade and Civilian JTF weekend conducted a fighting patrol to Zangebe, Maiwa, Algaiti and Mainari villages in which they killed 6 Boko Haram terrorists and wounded several others.


Since the appointment of Femi Adesina as Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, he has applied himself to the job, making frantic efforts to defend the administrative policies of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government. In this exclusive interview with Independent correspondent in the Aso Villa, INNOCENT OWEH, he dismissed allegations by the national assembly leadership that the Presidency was behind its many travails. He also spoke on why the immediate past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan abandoned several Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) signed with foreign allies, which could have translated to more development for the country.

With the gloomy economy, workers are becoming tensed, and recently staff of the Federal Ministry of Finance protested over poor welfare issues, are you aware of their grievances?

I read the explanation from the finance ministry that what they are agitating for had been stopped by the previous government, that explains it. If there would be further explanations, I think its the ministry of finance that would do it, but I think what they have said satisfies me, it suffices for now


The Federal Government Saturday in Abuja urged athletes participating in the forthcoming 2016 World Handball Youth Championship in Granollers, Spain to defend their current title with diligence, maturity and integrity.

The State House handball team, Aso Rock Kings, will be representing Nigeria at the 2016 World Handball Youth Championship, which will be held in Spain, June 28th -July 4th, 2016.

Speaking to the team, which had a training session at the National Stadium, the State House Permanent Secretary, Jalal Arabi, told the athletes to remain focus, committed and unwavering in defending the gold trophy they won in Spain last year.


The war against corruption is gathering steam and its obvious to every observer that this the primary focus of the present administration

Taking it a bit further, the suggested Special Court for Corrupt Practices (SCCP) located in 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria will grant easy access and expedited judicial cases

Its easier to promulgate a law in conjuction with National Assembly where the SCCP will secure convictions of accused persons or looters with the loot identified fully recovered and a light sentence(6 months or 1 year prison term) or the option of Community Service. Its referred to as 'slap in the wrist'-Option A

All over the world most especially in advanced countries, first time offenders are made to undergo hours of Community Service for many reasons

Friday, 24 June 2016


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1. Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) in a handshake with Pastor W. Kumuyi, during a courtesy visit at the Presidential Villa.

2: Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) in a hand shake with Pastor Mrs. E. Kumuyi, during a courtesy visit at the Presidential Villa.

Breaking of Ramadan Fast: Buhari Hosts APC Leaders at the Statehouse - PHOTOS

 President Buhari with Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Secretary to the Government of the Federation Babachir Lawal and APC chairman John Oyegun as the President hosts Party Leaders to breaking of Ramadan Fast in Statehouse .24th June 2016


The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to another round of campaign of calumny against the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai and his family by some unscrupulous elements as contained in Sahara Reporters story titled “Revealed: Buhari's Chief Of Army Staff, General Buratai, Wives Own Dubai Property”, alleging that Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Tukur Buratai, and his two wives are joint owners of a Dubai property that was paid for in one transaction posted on the website, this evening. (yesterday 24th Junee, 2016)

It is important to know that these baseless allegations were not new. In March this year, some groups of individuals under the aegis of “Concerned Citizens”, tried same smear campaign to their disappoinment, it could not fly, because it is not true.

You will recall early this week, there was similar campaign of calumny by yet another online news medium, The Cable, in which among other things, it alleged that wounded in action Nigerian Army personnel were abandoned by the Army, government and the nation which is not true.


President Muhammadu Buhari Friday said he regrets the resignation of British Prime Minister David Cameron, which will come into effect in October.

President Buhari said Nigeria has enjoyed remarkable goodwill, support and understanding under the capable leadership of the outgoing Prime Minister over the years.

The President said Cameron’s resignation in response to the outcome of a referendum that supported Britain to leave the European Union “was a demonstration of courage by a democratic leader who respects the will of the people, even if he didn’t agree with their decision.”



The Federal Government is organizing a workshop for stakeholders aimed at restructuring and reinvigorating Project ACT Nollywood, the N3billion grant programme established by the Federal Government to solve the main challenges impeding the growth of the Nigerian movie industry.

The workshop, which is scheduled for Friday July 1, 2016, would be attended by representatives of the key stakeholders in the Nigerian Film industry, such as the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, the leadership of Nollywood, the Actors Guild, Film and Videos Censors Board, The Nigerian Film Corporation and The Nigerian Copyright Commission.

The Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, the Convener of the workshop, has stated that the ideas discussed during the workshop would be part of the inputs for restructuring the project to ensure its sustainability.

Seminal damage to the central identity of this administration (Corruption) By Moses Ochonu

Here's the deal. As someone who has written consistently to commend and credit Buhari's persistent and tested integrity (a rare commodity among the Nigerian political class), I want to be able to say I have been right about the President's incorruptibility--that his integrity has not been tainted. I am invested in that narrative because I don't want his detractors to tell me "I told you so." Which means that I will not ignore what appears to be a serious, perhaps seminal, challenge to the President's integrity claims. The latest recruitment scandal has folded tragically into the previous one and both of them now constitute an indictment on the presidency, which has refused to acknowledge let alone investigate these brazen incidents of corruption.

Here are the issues.

NOTHING IS PERMANENT: Britain votes to leave EU in historic divorce, pressure on PM Cameron to resign

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, results from Thursday's landmark referendum showed, an outcome that sets the country on an uncertain path and deals the largest setback to European efforts to forge greater unity since World War Two.

World financial markets dived as nearly complete results showed a 51.8/48.2 percent split for leaving. Sterling suffered its biggest one-day fall of more than 10 percent against the dollar, hitting a 31-year low on market fears the decision will hit investment in the world's 5th largest economy.

The vote will initiate at least two years of messy divorce proceedings with the EU, raise questions over London's role as a global financial capital and put huge pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, though he pledged during the campaign to stay on whatever the result.