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Thursday, 2 March 2017

OSCOED Students Boycott Lecture, Other Activities

The Students' Union Government (SUG) of the Osun State College of Education (OSCOED), Ilesa has order the boycott of the lecture and other acctivities in the college. 

According to the statement issued by the students' Union body as signed by the President of the Union, Comrade Lateef Abiola A. Harwolowo and the General Secretary, Comrade Famogbiyele Olumuyiwa, the congress of the students agreed to boycott lectures and other activities as a result of the disagreement in the way which the management of the school runs the institution, the students insist that the management must facilitate a consultative forum where students can ask questions about the failure of the management to efficiently manage the school with available resources whict the institution authority declined.

Read the details of the statement below:
Yesterday, over 10,000 students and Members of our Union held one of their congresses to discuss existing issues of disagreement in the way which the management runs the institution, the students insist that the management must facilitate a consultative forum where students can ask questions about the failure of the management to efficiently manage the school with available resources. Unfortunately, the acting provost refused to address the students on the ground that there is no going back on its decision.
In lieu of the position of the students congress held on our campus, Considering the present situation of threats to our life and academic progress, a situation where the management shows to be helpless and incapacitated in running the school; where our students find it difficult to access their results without protest, Where most of the facilities on our campus works not, where most of the Degree courses are disaccreditted by NUC owing to lack of staffs and facilities, where management runs the school without a calendar, where 100L students have been receiving lectures for 8 months without hope of matriculation. Where the management prefer the school to be burn to ashes rather than addressing genuine academic and welfare issues, where management increases fees without embarking on a commensurable development visible to human sight.
Despite the fact that the deplorable state of our already moribund campus, is not appealing to the Osun State government, the management is still heartlessly insisting on increment in fees of degree students from sixty five thousands (65,000) naira to one hundred and twenty thousand naira (120,000) which represents about 100%. Our plea to the management to totally reversed the fee due to the havocs of drop-out that such action stands to create, is fruitless as our management remain adamant. The management excuse is that, the University of Ibadan has increased affiliation fee therefore, students must pay more. Our unanswered questions remains that, what management has been doing with the fee payed in the last 13 years when school fees where limited to sixty five thousand naira.
As students who understands the implications of our school mismanagement action on the entire society, we find out that our future is already destroyed by actions and inactions of both government and management who underfunded education below UNESCO recommendation of 26% budgetary allocations . Presently,The management of UNIOSUN threatened to to rusticate over four thousand students who find in uneasy to pay their school fee, Thesame situation which is applicable to our school; a situation where students find it difficult to pay old fee. All this are not far fetched from the helpless situation of economic downturn which reduces household income, plus the simple fact that the government finds it difficult to pay the workers who serves as our parents. We wonder how the management expect our students to cope with the current situation.
Presently, we have employed all means to appeal to the management to reverse all increment in fees, maintain all available and working facilities on our campus for the benefits of our students to unsure smooth running of the institution. But, we doubt the readiness of the management to running the school towards the right direction. For more than Five years now our students has been paying ICT fee without access to its facilities and the condition of the health centre remains appealing .
Owing to the foregoing, our students have resolved to embark on lecture boycotts between today 28th - 30th of February. We appeal to all stakeholders that are friends of better education to intervene, and appeal to this enemies of our generation before issues get out of hands.
*We have enjoyed nothing on all money payed as school fee in past years.
*The economy situation is such that we schooled in hunger thereby finding it difficult to pay the old fee.
*The management should make public the audit of internally generated revenue collected in the past 20 years.
*For a total reversal of all increased fee.
* Immediate matriculation of NCE students.
Famogbiyele Olumuyiwa
S.U. Gen. Sec.
Lateef Abiola A. Harwolowo
S.U. President
His Excellency Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola ( Governor state of Osun).
Nigerian Police Force.
Dean of Schools.
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