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Thursday, 23 March 2017

FIGHTING CORRUPTION/CHARADE: Distinguish Senator Shehu Sani

Your letter of invitation to appear before the above committee refers.

I wish to kindly request that you draw the attention of the other members of the committee that I will not be able to appear before the committee primarily because I have gone to court to challenge the invitation among others.

Please find attached the court documents.


Above letter was sent to the Senate Ad-hoc committee on humanitarian crisis in Northeast by Babachir David Lawal(SGF) that he would not honour Senate’s invitation today to clear his name
It was alleged he awarded N270 million for cutting grass in IDP Camps to his own company

The SGF was formally invited after his indictment by the committee at the first public hearing on the matter, for which the Presidency had said that he (SGF) was not given fair hearing,after declining invitation three times

Recall when Stella Oduah former Aviation Minister through NCAA bought two BMW 7 series bullet proof cars at a cost of N250million,and she declined Senate invitation to appear and clear her name

"APC Herds" and Buharists were up in arms shouting and disturbing the atmosphere,condemning the action and calling former President Goodluck Jonathan unimaginable names for condoning malfeasance and corruption in his government

I sincerely hope President Muhammad Buhari is fully aware of what is playing out in his government today,how can someone who declined invitation four times in a row to clear his name be adjudged not to be given fair hearing by the Presidency?

Shielding or condoning the SGF once again from attending the Senate hearing today shows President Muhammad Buhari entire corruption fight is a total charade or at best vindictive and sectional against known opponent of his government

Additionally,I will expect all the hypocritical APC supporters and sycophants "who hears no evil, and sees no evil" to condemn SGF action,call or prevail on him to attend the Senate hearing and clear his filthy name

Hopefully,sanity will prevail and the needful will be done


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