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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI)

1. In December 2016 King Mohammed VI of Morocco paid a State Visit to Nigeria. During that visit he and President Muhammadu Buhari oversaw the signing of several Agreements between Nigeria and Morocco, covering Agriculture, Energy, Aviation and other areas. One of the Agreements signed went on to lay the foundation for a Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI), approved by President Buhari shortly after the Visit. The resulting collaboration has already yielded the domestication of Fertilizer Production in Nigeria.
2. On Friday (10th, March 2017) night a consignment of phosphate (one of the raw materials for the production of fertilizer) arrived Funtua, Katsina State, by rail from Lagos, for delivery to the revived Blending Plant in Funtua. (Video below)


3. Another batch of phosphate is currently being loaded in Apapa Port, for transportation to the Blending Plant in Bauchi this weekend.

4. The PFI, one of outcomes of our strategic partnership with Morocco, will result in domestic production of 1m Metric Tonnes (MT) of NPK Fertilizer in 2017

5. Prior to the PFI, Nigeria had 5 Blending plants working at 10% Production capacity. Now there are 11 plants working round-the-clock (24/7).

6. The smallest of those 11 Fertilizer blending plants now employs 600 workers; the largest, 1,200 workers. (Working in 3 shifts per day)

7. The 1 million Metric Tonnes of NPK Fertilizer targeted by the PFI in 2017 will be produced in 5 cycles of 200,000 MT each. Cycle 1 is ongoing, will deliver its full output by April.

8. The PFI is a manifestation of President @MBuhari's vision of a Nigeria that produces quality fertilizer for local consumption and export.

9. OPPORTUNITY: The 1 million MT of NPK Fertilizer that the PFI will produce this year will require 20 million sacks for packaging. #GovtAtWorkNG

10. Look out for our #QuickRead on the PFI, to be published soon on our Medium policy blog:www.medium.com/@TheAsoVilla
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