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Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Wickedness was like food: once you got started it was hard to stop; the gut extended to take in more and more
John Updike
Gov. Aregbesola

In states where oppositions are weak, fragile, and clueless; does not have the needed resources and will to tackle, oppose, criticise and condemn obnoxious policies of the ruling party; citizens of such states would live in fear and injustice will always prevail.

It is unfortunate that Osun state government is one of those state governments that play on the weakness of the opposition, ignorance of the people and fear of her citizens.

It is disheartening to see opposition who ought to be responsible for condemnation and tackling of these obnoxious policies in a state of “political coma”; a state where internal burden of this party is greater than the excesses of our dear state.

The lamentable exorbitances of Aregbesola administration does not start from the 90% increment of legal filling fees (#200000) rather it started few years ago but the gut extended to take in more when none of his earlier attempts were duly challenged.

Aregbesola is like a poor avaricious boy who headed an event of wealth rather than creation of wealth chose to steal away created wealth and incurably exploits people who ought to be beneficial of wealth.

These lamentable exorbitances cut across every sector of this administration such as health, environment, administration and other sectors.

Do I need to inform you about the payment of #1000 just to sign a single document at the local government council areas? Do you know about the payment of #3500 for attestation and collection of certificate of origin?

Do you know how exorbitant it has become to undergo medical test at state hospitals? Do not blame hospital authorities rather blame our governor who refuse to pay subventions for years and allow hospitals to run its affairs solely.

This administration introduced the registration of houses and payment of ownership fees through local government council areas. I could remember that we received a copy in our little house and we were asked to pay the sum of #12000 for building house on our land.

Do you need to know about how life has been difficult for riders of motorcycles, cars and buses in the hands of Aregbesola men of khaki boys through exorbitant charges? It was this same administration who introduced direct payment of tuition fees into government accounts yet impoverished institutions of their funds.

If you have a relative in one of our state institutions, he would be able to explain management unlawful exorbitant fees due to lacks of funds and irresponsible acts of Aregbesola administration.

At last, Aregbesola administration has grown beyond its wings and its poisonous snake has become a source of worry to sane minds and the good people of Osun state through the astronomical increment of legal filling fees.

He did not only increase the filling fees rather he has created a wide gap between justice and injustice, rich and poor, innocent and guilty. He did not only ridicule our right to fair hearing but has informed us that justice is meant for the rich in his tenure.

He has become an ingrate and he is telling the poor people of our state who voted for him in hot sun despite fear and possible intimidation that his administration is not meant for us rather his fellow rich and political class.

As citizens of this dying state wallowing in abject exorbitant fees, we shall erect a statue of shame, ingrate and dishonour in Aregbesola’s name. We shall keep historical records of his failures and obnoxious policies. We shall be proud to show his unborn generation how despotic their father was.

It breaks ones heart to know that funds derived from exorbitant fees are used to pay Fatai Diekola and likes. It breaks ones heart to know that funds derived from poor citizens of Osun state are used in payment of hospital bills of some cabals.

It is never too late for Aregbesola to make changes and to avoid generational curses from the good people of Osun state. I implore his advisers if you truly love him, advise him that he should not climb palm tree with noodles
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