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Saturday, 24 December 2016

BREAKING: Russian Defense Ministry Confirms Wreckage of Missing Tu-154 Found One Mile From Sochi in Black

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Both the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the crash of the missing Tu-154, saying that the debris of the aircraft and alleged personal belongings of passengers were discovered in the Black Sea.

The Russian Investigation Committee launched criminal case on the Russian Defense Ministry's plane that crashed in the Black Sea.

Local media reports, citing the Investigation Committee's representative Svetlana Petrenko, that military investigators seize documents and interrogate persons who prepared the crashed Tu-154 to fly to Syria.

"We took comprehensive measures to establish all the circumstances of the incident. We are withdrawing preflight documents, interrogating officials who supervised the flight and the technical personnel responsible for the preflight acquisition and refueling" Petrenko said.

Local media reports, citing sources in the Emergencies Ministry of Russia that the ministry confirmed the crash of the missing Russian Defense Ministry's Tu-154, saying that the tragedy happened in the Black Sea.

Missing TU-154 Crashed in Black Sea, Rescuers Find Debris Russian Defense Ministry's Tu-154 carrying some 91 people crashed in the Black Sea, not far from the Sochi sea coast, sources in the rescue services said local media. The debris of the lost aircraft's chassis found in the area.

On the Search Operation, a source in the law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti that a Mi-8 helicopter, several vessels were sent from Sochi to the area of the possible crash of missing TU-154. 

The source also added that that several Ka-32 helicopters and a Mi-8 helicopter in Gelendzhik also set at ready.

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