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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Hello highly beloved new media citizens, fellow Kwarans and Darling Nigerian Compatriots. We hope your preparation towards New Year season has reached an advanced stage. Inspite of the shortage of money, occasioned by the man made recession, brain child by our Leaders, we still have reasons to be thankful to God, the giver of life and strength. 

It is popularly believed that "when there is life, there is hope". God in His divine mercies will give us hope and bright future in His Mighty Name. Amen. It became absolutely necessary that we once again write this piece. We scripted it not because we enjoy criticising our leaders, but because via exposing their foolishness, visionless and lack of foresight, they may take specific actions to address some of the issues we have raised! 
While The Chief Editor of Kwara Hero was growing up, despite the high exposure of his parents, they used to eat Iresi Tapa (Tapa Rice), locally produced in Kwara State. This rice was usually cheap, dirty, filled with small stones and unpolished; BUT PLANTED AND PRODUCED IN KWARA STATE, ALL THE SAME... The reason why the white men are better than us in Africa is, they are improving on everything they are producing. 

They strive on daily basis to make something new, which are better version of the old models. They make list of all the flaws of the old products and make new ones that addresses all. This is partly the reason why their products are durable, beautiful and having proper finess. How we wish Nigerian product makers will take a queue from this... However, this is not where we are going... Just recently, there was a collaborative efforts between the Governments of Lagos and Kebbi States. The efforts was geared towards rice production. 

Lagos was meant to provide majority of the funding, expertise, mechanisation and market; while Kebbi provides labour, farm site and other inputs. Today, LAKE RICE is now in CIRCULATION! A STAPLE FOOD THAT IS TOTALLY MADE IN NIGERIA, BY NIGERIA, FOR NIGERIA AND WHICH HAS WORLD CLASS STANDARD! 

We asked one of our editors who so happens to run his business outfit in Lagos to cover the event for us and send us bits and clips of information. The effort which is HIGHLY INGENIOUS, if we must add has created employment opportunities to so many people. Transporters, Traders, Middle men, Market men and women, packaging companies, brand promoters etc now have something to do. 

Governor Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos State and Governor of Kebbi State are just in their first terms respectively, yet they have now proven to the entire Nigerian Nation and Global World at large that THEY HAVE SOMETHING UPSTAIRS! THEY HAVE PROVED THAT THEY HAVE GOOD ECONOMIC TEAM, DEVELOPMENT PLAN AND SOLID/FUTURISTIC IDEOLOGY!! 

If no one becomes too greedy to the extent of embezzling the monies needed for expanding & rebranding the lake rice project,it will be a major revenue earner for Lagos and Kebbi States. Just imagine, how many lake rice was consumed during the just concluded Christmas Celebrations! Still imagine how many lake rice will be consumed during the forthcoming New Year Celebrations! Just imagine,how many farmers will smile to the bank because of this. 

Just imagine, how happy the farmers will be to pay their taxes to the Government of these two states; because the governments of the Statess has given them a means of livelihood! Let us now come back home! Since the administration of Dr. Bukola Saraki as Kwara State Governor; governance has never been conducted in Kwara State with a view towards creating future for Kwarans! What future was there in the Kwara State Aviation College? Who do they collaborate with in order to make the project to be of "WORLD CLASS STANDARD"? 

It was wonderful news when we heard that Zimbabwean White Farmers were coming to Kwara State. It is now up to ten years since the Zimbabwean Farmers has come! We noticed on a yearly basis that various truck emanates from Tsonga laden with either dried cassava, maize and milk. The question begging answers is "where and to whom is the revenue being generated via Tsonga Farms go"? THE LAKE RICE experience wasn't shrouded and masked in secrecy and controversy like the Tsonga Farms! KWARANS NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING ABOUT TSONGA FARMS! WE DESERVE TO KNOW HOW MUCH TSONGA VENTURES IS YIELDING AS IGR FOR KWARA STATE! WE NEED TO BEGIN TO SEE THE PRODUCTS BEING MADE HERE IN KWARA STATE, SOLD AT CHEAP PRICES LIKE THE LAKE RICE! 

It is only then we will believe Kwara is being run by men having vision! Since time immemorial, many of the Governors we have had do not believe they owe Kwarans an explanation! Things are different now! We have began to recognise the insecurity, greed and unpatriotism of some of those who has held public office. We begin to hear of Commissioners such as Tunji Moronfoye (Former Commissioner for Information & Communications) having issues with EFCC over a whooping #350 million MDG fund. 

There are no longer monkeys in Idanre here in Kwara again. The Government of Kwara State has done precisely nothing for citizens of Kwara State for us to be proud of, yet they have the guts to send Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS) to padlock and seal people's shops for failure to pay taxes. How did government invest into the lives of those people they are now collecting taxes from? They now divert monies to meaningless, selfish and common wealth looting conduits such as the Light Up Kwara Project and Geri Alimi Bridge. We wish to use this medium to tell our Current Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, you need to realise that by May 2019 2019, you will vacate Kwara Government House! 

All your "security aides" and "parapenelia" of Office will be removed! YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN! We do not mean to insult anyone, we are simply drawing your attention to the obvious! Chaos is forming in Kwara State! At saw mill area in Ilorin, KWIRS staffs were beaten and chased away by people. THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING! IT IS SIMPLY NOT TOO LATE TO STOP IT! We say KUDOS TO THE GOVERNORS OF LAGOS AND KEBBI STATES. YOU HAVE INDEED IMPACTED LIVES THROUGH THIS LAKE RICE INITIATIVE! YOU HAVE ALSO SHOWN THE WHOLE WORLD THAT SOMETHING GOOD MUCH GREATER THAN THIS CAN THIS COME OUT OF OUR DEAR NATION! WE SAY MORE POWER TO YOUR ELBOW! 

To our Governor and Political Leader, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed and Senate President Bukola Saraki, the coming on board of LAKE RICE within one year of the Current Governors of Lagos and Kebbi State through their joint venture, calls to question what you people have being doing all along! A lot of people have being grumbling behind the scene, who have now being given enough impetus to now come out boldly! 

To further worsen matters, you have unleashed Kwara State Internal Revenue Service dogs to unload mayhem upon fellow citizens of your State! Whenever they read Abdulfatah Ahmed's resume, we imagine seriously that he ever went to school or worked in a financial institution! It is obvious that whenever a government is working diligently, it does not need to make much noise or engage praise singers. 

Kebbi State Governor's name is not famous, but from the Lake Rice initiative, the man has shot himself into Reckoning and International Limelight as the Governor who hosted the effort! Governor Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos State is popular already! Becoming involved in this venture and other actions he took prior, has already earned him popular ratings towards his re-election in 2019. WELL......., we are not part of your Governance Team. WE ARE ONLY TOWN CRIERS! BUT LISTEN TO THIS! LISTEN GOOD! YOU HAVE HEATED THE POLITY TOO MUCH THAT THE FIRE IS SLOWLY BEING THREATENED BY THE CONTENTS OF THE POT! 

We are still making other relevant observation about your Leadership in Kwara State. However, permit us to say this... Whenever you see a good feat being done in another place, there is no harm in emulating it... We urge you to learn from Lagos and Kebbi States to develop our Tapa Rice and make it world class standard! We also implore you to collaborate with various agencies to inject life into the Kwara State Cargo Terminal which your boss and predecessor, Dr. Bukola Saraki spent billions to construct! We encourage you to also collaborate with a world class agency who will assist you in making Kwara Aviation College a Viable State investment! 

There must also be an attempts to demystify The Tsonga Farm Ventures and remove the secrecy shrouding it! AT LEAST, KWARA STATE IS YET SERVICING THE LOANS AND BONDS COLLECTED TO ESTABLISH THESE VENTURES! 

Lastly, we appeal to you to have a cursory look at your economic and commercial team! If those are the best set of people Kwara State has to offer, then YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING US! WE HAVE SAID OUR OWN OOO! GOD BLESS KWARA HERO! GOD BLESS KWARA STATE! GOD BLESS PATRIOTIC NIGERIANS! MAY GOD HELP PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI TO TOW THE RIGHT PATH TO SUCCEED! GOD BLESS FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA!
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