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Saturday, 28 January 2017


Melanie Trump
Today's RELIGIOUS has destroyed moral and make people to accept the doctrines of Worldliness and they are now so comfortable in marketing the Flesh....... Look at Melanie Trump, many people including prostitutes called her prostitute, Jezebel, whore, this, that, but today........ she is a new creature without going to church like us ooooh.

You can't be in Christ Jesus and still decorating your face like a Christmas trees and WALK on streets half naked. Not Possible!!!
There is Godly look and...
There is Ungodly look.
Do not be DECEIVED.
Because your Pastor's wife are dressing worldly does not mean it is acceptable by God.

Today's Christian are walking on the streets half naked because they saw white women doing so. Today's Christian are exposing their breast, their tommy, their cleavage, their pant because they saw Melanie Trump did the same but now that Melanie Trump is no longer walking on the streets half naked, when will Nigerian Christian learn from Melanie Trump?

It is obvious our religious leaders has destroyed the moral, that is why a lady that is dressing half naked can tag those sister that dress well as being religious.

If religious can not make us to live a life of a new creature, then, God can use an unbelievers to set a standard of moral for us so that, after death, we will have no excuses when we shall all appeared before the JUDGEMENT throne of Almighty God.... since we have accepted secular celebrities as our role model.

There are too much FLESH marketing going on in the Christendom of today because religious has destroyed the moral and encouraging Worldliness.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, (A smoker, fornicator, masturbator, liars, thieves, 419, prostitutes, haters, malice keepers, seducer, clubhouse goers, customers of entertainment industries, etc, before , before) is a new creature: (they are now a new creature..... They are now born again, no doing those things they used to do before they gave their life to Jesus) old things are passed away; (those ungodly behaviors has passed away because they are now in Christ) behold, all things are become new. (All things are now New.... They are no longer going to clubhouse, masturbate, fornicate, lies, exposing their breast, decorating their face, marketing their Flesh because they are now in Christ)

Jesus Christ is not coming for RELIGIOUS PEOPLE.
He is coming for A NEW CREATURES.
Anything that is abominable will never be allowed to see the Holy city of God.
Give your life to Jesus and live a new creature life.
Jesus loves you.
He does not desires that sinners should ends in hell but to attained a genuine salvation and to be among the saints in his heavenly JERUSALEM.
Will you be among them?
If Yes!!!
Life a new creature life today and say Goodbye to old nature.
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