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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Go and Address the Problem: We now know how the military conducts its operation

The spokesman said they were informed some Boko Haram leaders were having meeting at Rann so the Airforce were instructed to "go and address the problem" which simply meant go and bomb the area.

Well they killed innocents including members of  NGO who were there to immunize children and they said it was a mistake and soulless Buharists are dismissing this military high handedness as "it was a mistake, everyone makes mistakes".

These are people who criticize the police for accidental discahrge.

Even when it is established that it was by accident, they curse the generation of the police man, but they see no problem with a soldier bombing a civilian population and killing tens of innocents including children.
Even more shameful is the case of some of my brothers in Islam who daily lament the killing of Muslims by the US in the name of "collateral damage" but you find them defending this and waving it off as a mistake!

If Buhari was President we would have also called the Baga massacre a mere mistake.

All of this not because you like or support Buhari but because you sold him to Nigerians as a messiah and he has proven not to be, still not just this but because in selling him to Nigerians you went to the extreme; you almost called him God, you were not satisfied with the fact that he was not corrupt you went ahead to say he hates corruption so much that if a mosquito suck an unauthorized blood he must kill the Mosquito, you went to extreme in cursing out everyone opposed to anything him and after doing all of these, shame will not allow you agree himself or any of his people can ever do anything wrong.

You will defend Buhari even if he is the one accusing himself.

You will defend people who work for him because you do not only not want anyone to see that he is failing, you don't want anyone to see that he is failing on any single heading.

These extreme violations of the dignity of human lives too, you will defend.

The fact that a civil war may start in Gambia today or tomorrow because Nigeria is refusing to provide judges for the Gambian supreme court, despite the standing arrangement, you will defend.

Everything you will defend to cover the shame that the one you said was perfect is not.

Don't worry, the evil willl soon come to your door step, and you will remember this sentence when it does.

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