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Saturday, 28 January 2017

DSS invites Apostle Johnson Suleiman to it's Abuja office, I stand with the man of God

The DSS has invited Apostle Johnson Suleiman to it's Abuja office for interrogation by 10am on monday 30/1/2017.

However, if not for a brigandy approach, why don't the DSS invite the man of God earlier instead of going after him in the dead of the night in Ekiti state.
I will stand with the man of God even for his widely aclaimed incited statement that if the Fulani Herdsmen attack them they should fight back which is indeed the best approach to solve the insecurity challenges posted to the Nigerian state by the herdsmen.

Morealso, where were the security agencies including the DSS before and during the Southern Kaduna genocid attacks with the obvious fact that Governor of the state,Mallam El-rufai can rightly be fingered as the brain behind the evil killings in the state. An attack that has been planned long ago and the DSS was not in place to arrest and abort such a planned attack but now after a man of God that informed his followers to be vigilant against any herdsmen attack.

An individual has to be vigilant in a Nigeria state of insecurity and unexpected violent attacks as the first saveguard for the fundamental human rights. Each person must defend him/herself first in case any attack.

The Fulanis are moving around with weapons and ammounitions unchecked by the DSS and other security agencies. There intelligent garthering has never enabled them to stop any planned attacks such a the Southern Kaduna killings or even any armed killer anywhere but those that are rightly expresing their opinon on the way out are their targets. 

I stand with Apostle Johnson Suleiman that Nigerians anywhere and in any place in this country should get prepared by any means to defend themself against any attack. 

Are there realy security of lives and properties in the land or we want to be deceiving ourself? Is there justics in the our court of law to speedly  enforce obidence to law and order? Are the murderers not living freely in this land more than any imaginations? Has there been any case of such killing or any one for that matter where justics is pursured at all cost to vindicate any innocent.

We need more of Apostle Suleiman in Nigeria. Morealso, if the twiter statement above can be attributed to other religion and political leaders and they have never been qustioned, then the DSS is sick as an institution for going after Apostle Suleiman.
I will stand withe thae man of God in as much as we lose the ability to think straight in Nigeria and also lose the benefit of solidarity and togetherness when we allow strange narratives into our common problems. Rather than let the activities of the marauders be identified simply and truly for what it is, criminality and failure of State, we rather chose to travel along ethnic and religious narratives which end up pitching otherwise friends, families and compatriots against one another.

May God heal us so that we may fix our Fatherland.

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