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Sunday, 29 January 2017


The ochestrated campaign of the obituary of President Buhari was initiated and publicized by unknown ragtag online portal (can't remember the name now). Since the story went viral, the publisher has since retracted the story and apologized for publishing false story. As expected, some willing evil minded accomplices joined with the initiator of the falsehood to spread the fake news.

Aso Rock brought this upon the Presidency because of being miser with the truth. Why did media aides of Buhari always hide the truth from Nigerians? These fools are too daft to differentiate a public figure - persons elected into public office and people appointed into public office - from a private citizen. Buhari is a public figure. He's the President of 170 million Nigerians. The Aso Rock bunch of idiots don't know how democracy functions. These nonentities aren't smart enough to know that in a democracy, the President as a public man has no privacy at all. Nigerians have the right to probe, scrutinize, and pry into all the corners of Buhari's private life. We have the right to know where he goes for vacation, his health status, what he's doing on vacation, who went with him on vacation, what he eats on vacation, what sports or games he play for relaxation, what books he read, how long he's going to be away, when he'll be back, and so on and so forth. In civilized democracies, the people are supplied with all these information and much more.
But I'm not surprised by the action of the media handlers of the President for keeping Nigerians in the dark as to whereabouts of their President and his health status because ours has never been a true representative democracy. Ours is a democracy without democracy.

Now, to the pictures of Buhari and wife, and Buhari and Amosun that were put out in the social media. What does the pictures tell us? What's the purpose of these pictures? To show that Buhari is alive or what? This is absolute nonsense! In the first place, Aso Rock should have informed us whether or not Aisha would be going on vacation with his husband. Aso Rock is to blame. In other responsible democracies, the President goes on vacation with his wife. But then, this is Nigeria where things are done in a lunatic way. We have never gotten anything right in Nigeria. We're such a confused, corrupted, coerced, and coward nation to do things right.

Is there any hope for this lawless and hopeless nation?

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