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Monday, 30 January 2017

Inviting Apostle Suleiman Proved DSS a Criminal Organization

When I say the DSS is a criminal organization, people think I am being mischievous. Imagine that they had to invite Apostle Suleiman after their mid night attempt to abduct him failed.

Suppose that they succeeded in abducting him that night, and probably even killed him afterward. Nobody would know that the DSS did it.

Do not be surprise to learn in the future that most of the high profile kidnappings and killings in recent Nigeria is actually carried out by the DSS. Most of the attacks carried out in recent Nigeria are too sophisticated to be executed by herdsmen.
Under President Buhari/APC, our federal security agencies have gone to the dogs.

Only a criminal security agency would attempt to kidnap a low profile suspect like Apostle Suleiman in the night without first inviting him in the day.

May we ever be able to recover our country from these lunatics and blood suckers.

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