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Friday, 13 January 2017

Facts about the Sowore-Lekan Matter

Contrary to the conflicting and lisleading accounts and information being peddled on social media about what actually transpired between Sowore and Lekan Fatodu, my finding is that Sowore was never arrested by the Police, contrary to the claim by Lekan which he caused to be widely spread on social media. The police (SCID Panti) has no charge against Sowore which was why he refused to sign a bail bond on day one, and eventually, the DCP left him to go to return the next day. Lekan signed a bail bond before being let go.

I was at Panti on day 2 and I interacted with both Sowore and Lekan seperately. I was also at the Conference presided over by the DCP at his office, with the ACP present. Also present were a retinue of lawyers and activists who came in solidarity with Sowore. Lekan also had a few acquantaces who accompanied him. Dr. Tunji Abayomi was appointed to lead the over 15 lawyers who came for Sowore. Lekan had no lawyer.
At the instance of the police, it turned out to be a reconciliatory meeting. It took great efforts to convince Sowore to settle for mediation. He had insisted on the police going through the whole legal process. Since the police didn't have any charges against Sowore based on Lekan's purported petition against him for blackmail, Sowore insisted on his own complaint of attack and threat to his life by Lekan- which actually led to police intervention- being exhaustively investigated.

I understand that it was actually at the office of the CP Lagos, on the first day, when the parties were brought before the CP that he (the CP) suddenly and curiously informed Sowore that he has a petition from Lekan against him alleging blackmail and threat to life. As at yesterday, Sowore was yet to be given a copy of the purported petition despite his demanding for it. Before the CP, Sowore insisted that in spite of Lekan's purported petition for which he was just being informed about by the CP, Lekan had no right to take the law into his hands by waylaying and attacking him on the street. The CP got infuriated and an charged at Sowore. He transferred the case to Panti.

I have know Sowore for years. I never knew Lekan until this incident. At the station, he twisted his stories. From Sowore blackmailing him, he changed to Sowore accusing him of collecting millions of naira from politicians for whom he claimed to be working for as a 'PR Consultant.' Sowore had written a story alleging that Lekan was a conduit used by Femi Fani Kayode to launder money.
Lekan also claims he is a journalist, had worked with Thisday and is currently publishing an online Medium in London. I'm yet to ascertain all these because I only just heard of and am yet to see the medium he mentioned as his platform.

He acknowledged that he had been friends with Sowore and had passed through Sowore's tutelage (his own words). He described the incident that happened between him and Sowore as 'unfortunate' and said while he respects Sowore for his accomplishments, he also deserves to pursue his own dream of being another Dangote.

This is to clarify issues and the conflicting and misleading accounts on social media which have elicited misguided, if malicious commentaries from people who seem to have scores to settle with Sowore.

Clearly, there is more to Lekan's motive for his attack on Sowore than what he has stated. He is definitely not acting alone. Such lunatic confidence and temerity to launch an unprovoked attack on Sowore on the streets of Lagos could only have come from a high-powered political inducement, support and assurance of a reward.

Like Sowore, hate him. But these are the facts. 

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