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Sunday, 1 January 2017


Since government of Abdulfatahi Ahmed was constituted in May 29th, 2011 under the legacy continues platform , there have been series of hearth breaking stories of government rascality,brutality , insincerity and callousness against the indegens of Kwara state . It is so pathetic that despite the citizens outcries and complaints , this government of doom has not shown that it is being run by human but demons from the pit of hell.

Sometimes in May ,2016, the state government through the Bureau of Lands compelled thousands of citizens/residents to pay 1million naira each unfailingly before the end of May over what they tagged LAND ALLOCATION dues . Failure of which will attract revocation of the land from those who initialy occupy it .
Consequently, Those who did not meet up their time frame had their allocation letters revoked and sold off to politicians who have money in abundance to settle the illicit transactions within the little space of time .

The people living around cosmopolitan areas of ASA DAM are the ones that were mostly hit by this act of corporates robbery perpetrated by Maigida government

It was also discovered that a lot of people were given multiple allocations by the government officials , they collected money for one piece of land from more than 1 person and pocketed the 1 million just like that

To add pepper to people's injury , the state government has so far ran away with people's 1 million without giving them the allocation or updating them on any actions till date .

What further proofs does one need to know this government is not a product of popular citizens votes but product of stolen mandates perpetually designed to not serve but to rob and loot for the continue dominance of Mr Senate president? No one can agree less with the actions and inactions of this government against the interest of ordinary citizens and residents of Kwara .

A government that has deliberately crippled down the state economy by not able to pay those who worked under it and yet still decided to rob the poor citizens of 1 million naira . When are we going to be free from this AGBAKO GOVERNMENT UNDER AGBAKO GOVERNOR?

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible makes violent revolution inevitable . As governor Maggida marks his birthday yesterday, we urge him to rise up beyond political sentiment and order his men to provide the allocation documents for all those who have made their payments .

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