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Friday, 6 January 2017


Hello Dearly Esteemed Nigerians and Global Citizens! 

Kwara Heros wishes to use this moment to say a resounding Happy New Year to you all. We thank God for the opportunity to cross over into the New Year 2017. There has been so many negative and damning predictions concerning Year 2017 from so many quarters. 

The economist believes that Nigeria is in for a hard time in 2017. Some famous Pastors of the Christain faith has predicted famine and difficulty. The reality on ground points towards all the things that are being predicted! However, there is a scripture in the Bible, in the book of first King, Prophet Elijah had just put to death 400 Prophets of Baal. A situation which annoyed Queen Jezebel, their patron. He had experiences with mysterious whirl wind, but the scriptures made it clear that God wasn't in the wind. He experienced so many other strong eye catching phenomenons, but God wasn't there. Alas, the voice of God came. It was a still, quiet voice. 

We urge Nigerians to ignore all the noices being made by so many of our Billionaire Pastors. Pastors whose riches are questionable and ought to form a case file at EFCC. God has spoken with a still, quite and gentle voice. He said "Because the earth is The Lord's and its fulness there of, I The Lord, I am moved to look down upon my people with mercy! Instead of calamity, the world shall know peace and celebration in 2017! Instead of famine, you shall revel in abundance! Instead of sorrow, there shall be joy, for mercy shall be released as my people have come before me in penitance". As many of us that keys into this promise, 2017 will unfold on agenda of joy, peace, prosperity and goodness; by the special grace of God. LET US NOT FORGET TO TALK TO ALL OF US AFRESH! We listened to one of the Tafsir of a highly respected Islamic Scholar, Sheik Dan Boronu. He spoke about the reality of humanity and the earth. 
The Glorious Qur'an and the Holy Bible depicts clearly that God formed man out of soil! He moulded us and breathe the breath of life into our nostrils to make us living things. Funny enough, all the things we glory about comes from the soil! Blocks and cement are from rocks and sand! Iron that forms our cars, wrist watches, cell phones, televisions and other things are from sand! Clothes and dresses are from trees, which also has its origin from sand or soil! Our foods are obtained from plants which also comes from sand! Name anything and everything you want to name which are of value!... Gold is sand! Diamond is a rock which comes from sand! Sapphire is sand! Jade is sand! Topaz is sand! 

Crude oil is liquid mixed with decomposed animals, also sand and water. "FROM THE EARTH WE WE WERE FORMED". FROM THE EARTH WE ARE FEEDING. FROM THE SAME EARTH WE WERE BEAUTIFIED. HOWEVER, THE SAME EARTH WILL ONE DAY CLAIM EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. "MINHA KHALAK NAKUM WAMINHA NUKHRIJUKUM"- FROM SAND WE WERE CREATED AND TO THE SAND WE SHALL BE COMMITTED". BOTH KINGS AND SUBJECTS WILL BE LOWERED TO THE GRAVE WHEN THEIR TIME IS UP. BOTHTHE LEADERS AND THE LEAD WILL DIE AND BE BURIED ONE DAY. "INNA LILLAHHI WAINNA ILAEHI RAJIHUNA". All that will suceed a man is "HIS LEGACY", "HIS STORY", "HIS HISTORY" and "HIS DEEDS". The million dollar questions are, what is your legacy?..... What will be the story told about you?..... What will history record about you?..... What deeds of yours will be written? LET EVERY MAN RUMINATE UPON THE REALITIES!... We were present in a gathering in which Kwara Hero was being discussed! Part of the people present were of the view that we are black mailers! While the talk was ongoing, another individuals whom we never know from Adam jumped into our defence, telling them to explain how and in what manner is Kwara Hero become Black mailers? Of course, the antagonist had little to say! 

The oldest amongst the group then said, if years back, people such as the kinds which comprises Kwara Hero existed to expose the inner secrets of the high and mighty, and objectively criticised them, probably, Kwara wouldn't have degenerated to this extent! WE ALREADY BEGIN TO SEE OUR HISTORY BEING WRITTEN! YET, WE HAVE DONE... YET, WE ARE YOUNG MEN. Let ous ask you our POLITICAL LEADERS, TRADITIONAL RULERS, ISLAMIC SCHOLARS, CLERGY MEN, BUSINESS MOGULS, TRADES MEN, TRADES WOMEN, ETC. WHAT WILL HISTORY RECORD ABOUT YOU? 

During the build up towards 2015 Presidential Election, some elders were of the opinion that a Buhari Candidature was a mistake! We frowned and sneared at them! Infact, we were angry with them! We are now approaching 2 years into Buhari Presidency! We are only hearing our leaders blaming the past administration and embarking on propaganda! Things remain difficult; hunger, a common feature! Salaries are unpaid and life hard! May the soul of Late Major General Tunde, the main administrator, Practical Commander-In-Chief of 1985 Federal Military Government which led to great success... 

Some people are now even saying they now understood the reasons why it was so easy for IBB, in the absence of Late Idiagbon, to topple Buhari's Military Government. He was a recalcitrant leader, headstrong, who doesn't pay attention to productive advice. He wasted a lot of time in unsuccessful corruption fighting and working team selection... Only to present a team loaded with common wealth looters... It is even widely held that his administration has been hijacked by some set of luciferous elements he surrounded himself with... Well....., that is not really the essence of this message! Let each and everyone understand that we will not be the ones to write our own history! It is those who either benefitted or suffered from our hands that will be charged with that responsibility! We must also remember that our time here on the face of the earth is very brief and transient! The earth one day, will come to claim your body! 

The owner of the breathe you misuse everyday will one day require it back! Let us ensure that our lives impact positively on those around us! Let us ensure that in all our undertakings, we look out for and promote the interest of others just as ours! Germans loved Adolf Hitler and followed him to war for more than 5 years... But history recorded him to be a mass murderer who killed over f million Jews and destroyed the whole of Germany and a selection of Europe. The world is watching you! Someone somewhere is taking account of your history and it will be read long after you are gone! A history which will make your posterity to either be either be proud of their family name or............. force them to go and change their name! How many Ugandas will name their child after Idiamin Dada? 

How many Nigerians will name their child after Sani Abacha? We have seen some people who named their child after Late Major General Tunde Idiagbon! Let us watch our actions! Let us watch our attitude! Let us watch the decisions we shall make this New Year! We are a product of all these and our history will reflect it as well! "Be in this world as if you were a stranger, who will have to leave one day"- Prophet Muhammad SAW... The essence of this thought of the Holy Prophet Muhammad is calling everyone's attention to let our ways of life and sustenance in this world be working towards the fortune of our hereafter as it is simply what will guarantee our destiny in that our permanent abode!... 




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