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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Nigerians commend Buhari’s achievements in 2016, seek improvement in 2017

President Buhari
More Nigerians on Thursday commended the Federal Government for recording great achievements in 2016 particularly in the area of security.

In separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), they said that the successes recorded in tackling insurgency, especially in the North east had restored confidence among Nigerians and prospective investors.

They however called on the government to sustain the efforts and improve the economy for a better and prosperous Nigeria in 2017.

Chief Charles Nwodo, the National Chairman, Progressive Action Council (PAC), urged the government to completely tackle the issue of farmers/herdsmen clashes in the New Year.

“The issue is still not tackled in consonance with the expectations of Nigerians and we believe that in 2017, the government will make it a serious project to unravel the people behind the farmers/herdsmen clashes.
“Government needs to bring the perpetrators of the clashes to book in order to restore complete confidence of Nigerians with regards to unity and progress of Nigeria.

“Although, 2016 was a difficult year for Nigerians, but it also brought about discipline in the way Nigerians live life, especially financial discipline; the flamboyant lifestyle of the corrupt ones is being eliminated on a daily basis.

“I believe that with such discipline, people will now learn to live within the range of what they have instead of looting and demonstrating affluence in the name of prosperity,” Nwodo said.

He also urged the government to build confidence among the warring ethnic groups in the country, saying if that is not done; it will dent grossly, the image of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

“The communities that engage in clashes, both in the North and South, do not create a good image or conducive environment for a government that is trying to make things well.”

He said in order to tackle recession in 2017, government should adopt the principles of mass credit facilities for businesses to thrive and turn the economy around like Korea did.

“We have to turn our own economy around by providing a lot of credit facilities; if we increase the volume of economic activities, the economy will grow and people will have employment.

“We also pray that better fiscal policy will be adopted in order to bring back our Naira that is falling on daily basis,” he said.

Nwodo also commended the government for implementing the Treasury Single Account, saying it brought discipline into the treasury expenditure and helped check the high rate of corruption in government.

Prof. Oluremi Sonaiya, the 2015 Presidential Candidate of KOWA Party, urged the government to ensure more transparency in 2017.

“Nigerians have been asking for transparency in governance; we need to know what our resources are being spent on.

“The economy must also be seriously addressed and fixed, especially the foreign exchange,” Sonaiya said.

For his part, Prince Toyin Raheem, Chairman, Campaign Against Corruption and Bad Governance, advised President Buhari to ensure that his administration “maintains a human face”.

“He should give us government with a pro-people face; a situation where the masses are sacrificing and the leaders continue business as usual is not acceptable.

“Basic necessities of life must be provided and made affordable for all the citizens,’’ he said.

Raheem commended the president for commencing the payment of N5,000 stipend to the poor and urged him to fulfil other electoral promises to the people.

He also advised president Buhari on the need to carry civil society groups along in the execution of all government projects and programmes.

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