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Sunday, 8 January 2017


Thinking With You.. On Sunday...

My friends, let's look at the earliest missionaries from the Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Methodist, and Catholic who came to Nigeria and established schools and hospitals for the needy and poor Nigerians. The two institutions - schools and hospitals - were affordable, accessible, and of the highest quality. Children were educated. The sick were healed. Through the two projects, jobs were created, and standard of life was improved and sustained. These are part of the Great Commission the Bible speaks about in addition to winning souls, delivering the spiritually oppressed and people in perpetual bondage. This gospel of the Good News is called Theology of Liberation.

Now, the mission of the noon day Pentecostal noise makers is diametrically opposed to the mission of Theology of Liberation. Theirs is known as Prosperity Gospel firmly rooted in money and material acquisition and accumulation which is why their slogan is "the more you sow, the more you reap." Meaning the more money you give the more money you are blessed with. In reality, it's not true. It only requires simple logic test to prove them wrong.
Consider this: since they have been telling their congregants "the more you sow, the more you reap," how many of them have become millionaires like their GOs or their filthy rich Pastors? NONE! Yet their members with gullibility and stupidity continue to shell out their last livelihood for the "men of God" without reaping any returns. Meanwhile, the God and the stinkingly rich Pastors jet around the world in their exotic planes, live in palaces and mansions, send their children overseas to the most exclusive and expensive private nursery schools, secondary schools, and universities. Meanwhile, the congregants and their children are wasting and rotting away in poverty and pauperism.

The endless exploitation and subjugation in Jesus name we prey continues and being extended. Obviously, we know those who are called by God, and we also know those who are called by Satan and Lucifer. The difference is as sure as the night follows the day.

Whosoever is not with God, is definitely against God. They cannot mock God. They cannot serve two masters - God and mammon. I tell you, these "men of God" serve mammon not God.

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