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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Pastor E. A. Adeboye's Retirement and Reversal: Presiddent Buhari sets bad precedence

A government worker was sacked because he IMPLEMENTED a law/regulation the government has already signed into existence. Simply because his implementation touched on some big man in the church. You are happy. Someone even said "he not only offended the church, he offended God". Another person said he was sacked because the minister said Obazee should "hold-on" on the implementation of a law that is already signed. No noise from the usual quarters because.... "touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm". Great! Clap yourself. Chop knuckle.

What you do not see is the fact that this kind of action is what makes a police commissioner not able to effect the arrest of a child kidnapper in the north, because the Emir has an interest and would call an AIG that would tell the commissioner to "hold-on" on the implementation of the arrest of the kidnapper.
You celebrate this wind today, but you don't realize the wind you have planted would germinate into a whirlwind tomorrow. And you then want strong institutions to be built. We are day dreaming.
Just think about it, and be truthful to yourself, if a John Obazee had been sacked for implementing the law on Abdulahi Akinbode - the national missioner of NASFAT, would this have been your position? Would you not have screamed Islamization, northernization, nepotism, bla, bla bla?

I repeat, the law is not workable in Nigeria as at today, it's dead on arrival. But sacking a diligent worker for implementing a law which the government signed off on, because the chief of defense staff is a top member of the church, because the minister of trade and commerce is a top member of the church, and because the vice president, Pastor Yemi Oshinbajo is a pastor of the church, is pure evil.

A bad precedence has been set. PMB sir, you goofed on this.
Politics is religion. Religion is politics!

Author : Otunba Olufemi Fadairo
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