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Thursday, 5 January 2017


President Jammeh
Gambia is the most suitable stopover for drug trafficking from South America to the lucrative drug markets in Europe. This is as a result of the flourishing drug trade, corruption and arms trade which goes right to the top.
The impoverished, chronically unstable country is an island and has a ‘Jammeh’ monitored coastline, literally making the country a perfect hotspot for drug smugglers. Interestingly, President Jammeh who took power of the country through a military coup in 1994 was elected in 1996, and reelected in 2001, 2006, and 2011 but lost the 2016 polls, and other high-ranking Gambian officials to include those in the Police and in the Army have been linked to different drug cartels and arms trade.

President Jammeh have been able to afford a lavish lifestyle and thus indicate that something is afoot. With a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars, Jammeh supposedly owns $10m-dollar mansions (each) in five eastern European countries and two western Europe countries, as well as $30m mansion in Morocco, huge investment in Dubai and other Middle Eastern Countries; surprisingly, all of these were made possible with less than a million dalasis annual salary.

To the real issue, President Elect Barrow’s victory speech which was centered on beaming the anti-corruption torch on Jammeh’s government was indeed a pivot that led to Jammeh’s not to relinquish powers stance. Tell me, how would you expect a dictator who has been in power for more than two decades and with strong ties to different drug cartels across the globe, the army is in his pocket and the 'west' seem to be on his side, to relinquish power.

There is more to Jammeh’s decision not to leave office, but you will agree that it is not about Jammeh alone, it is more about a group of power brokers who have successfully milked the country’s treasury and controls the drug and arms trade, and are scared of being brought to book. Well, not only that Jammeh’s decision will protect the drug cartels but it will further make Gambia a safe haven for drug smugglers, arms traders and corruption and ultimately increase Jammeh's net worth.

In the situation that Jammeh fail to relinquish power after the deadline, world leaders should not hesitate to drive him through the ‘Gbagbo way’. It is very simple, infiltrate and dissolve his army like you did to Gaddafi, move military artilleries very close to the Gambian borders so that he can feel the heat, you can then move in and oust him. Well, this would pose a great danger to the Gambian people but Jammeh can not be allowed to remain in power, as against the decision of the majority of Gambians at the last polls.

Call me 'Amebo', if you like.
Gambia is in Africa.


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