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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Arabic Writing or Inscription on Our Naira and Army Logo, Don't Blame Fulanis Again

 Many of us including me ignorantly accuse the Fulanis who ruled the better part of Nigeria's 56 years of independence as the ones that put the Arabic writing or inscription on our Naira and Army Logo. We are all wrong.

I came across these Nigerian Pounds Last month and I took a picture of them. Some of them were dated 1959. What striked me is seeing the Arabic Inscription on Nigeria's Legal Tender as at then when the British hold sway.

I also Went on line to see how the currency look then under Federation of Nigeria and it was the same. The Shillings and Pounds also have those Arabic writings.
So if you accuse the Hausa Fulanis Please stop, it has been there since Amalgamation. Why didn't Awolowo and Azikiwe kicked against it even before independence. Is former President Olusegun Obasanjo Ignorant of this history that he removed the Arabic writing on our N1000 note?

The West African Currency Board where responsible for issuing currency notes in Nigeria from 1912 to 1959 and West African Currency Board is the creation of the British not Nigerians.

But why should the British do that?

Their is a story I heard recently that the Fulanis in the cause of their Othman Danfodio Jihad met the British under Sir George Goldie along River Niger. Their was a fierce battle between the Fulanis and Sir George Goldie. Because of the British fire power, the Fulanis agreed to surrender to the British but under the condition that the British hands over Nigeria to them when they are leaving. And the British agreed. I think that explains it.

The Problems we are having today in Nigeria is because the foundation of Nigeria right from time is a faulty foundation and the British should be held responsible.

I see a strong need to restructure this country. Let's seat down and discuss.


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