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Saturday, 18 February 2017


Below are the images of Federal Polytechnic Offa taken around 7:30pm on Tuesday 15th February, 2017 by me.

From the interview granted by students and some indigenous offa residents living around the campus, it was revealed that this is the way the Polytechnic environment is left in acute DARKNESS anytime from 7:30pm everyday.

Our hearts bleeds more when we hear the institution is a federal owned citadel. With the amount of billions generated from students annually in the name of frivolous charges by this institutions, the management couldn't not afford diesel to light up the school environment everyday for the benefit of the students and the community.

Are the Polytechnic Rector and other principal officers of this school not living in Offa to observes this absurdity? Are they not privilege to visit other institutions and take a clue from them? . It's unfortunate that the Polytechnic rector does not have any of his children schooling in this kind of horrible environment. Even the Polytechnic entrance looks so unkept and untidy. The grasses are bushy, several nylons littering everywhere . if not for the signpost, no one could even think of that complex as carpentry workshop not to talk of higher institution of learning.

We also observed their clinic environment and could not find any of the medical officers on duty, when we asked one of the security men on duty, he said how do we expect them to stay inside this thick darkness and feel save? Wow! What a befitting response?

How do we expect graduates of this citadel to compete with their international counterparts under this terrible situation? No wonder the school keeps producing thousands computer engineers annually who could not identify ordinary CD-ROM in a computer.

No wonder the Polytechnic environment have been subjected to series of gangsterisms, pick pocketing and violence, many students who should be busy studying on campus couldn't wait beyond 7pm on campus for fear of been Lynch by bad boys.

The management of Federal Polytechnic Offa should call themselves and ask if this system can produce any student that's they will be proud of. If they are local, let them visit University of Ilorin or Bayero University in Kano and take clue. This is 21st century, the youths should be given a conducive environment so that their morale can be boosted.

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