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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Recovering stolen funds from past corrupt leaders: Merciless Looting Ongoing Under Buhari

While we are recovering stolen funds from past corrupt leaders, let us not forget that the present leaders are looting mercilessly simply because they are the new government and are still operating under the old system.

It is the same old system that allowed our past leaders loot us blind that the our leaders are still operating with. The system shapens their behaviour and makes them all become thieves.

There are two words in fighting corruption 'reactive' and 'proactive'. EFCC is a reactive institution. It only comes after you have successfully stolen but you are stupid not to cover your tracks well. EFCC cannot catch extremely smart thieves.
What Nigeria needs is a proactive system that does not give leaders room in the first place to steal.

The present APC leaders are looting mercilessly because they are the new government. EFCC does not attack government officials! It is not designed to operate that way.

We need a proactive system to manage corruption in Nigeria. There is too much raw cash in our present system. You do not give leaders raw cash and expect them not to steal it.

True Federalism has an in-built anti-corruption mechanism.

Until we restructure, our anti-corruption drive will continue to be lopsided and reactive but never proactive.

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