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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Prebendalism: Why Buhari Is Not Fighting Corruption and Why He Can Not Fight Corruption

President Buhari
When next someone tells you President Buhari is fighting corruption, look the person in the eye and call the person an ignoramus.

Let me explain to you why Buhari is not fighting corruption and why he cannot fight corruption.

First, if we are to judge an administration as fighting corruption based on how much EFCC recovered under the administration, then Buhari administration has not done anything special.

Before Buhari came into power in 2015, the EFCC had recovered over $12billion in the name of 'fighting corruption'.
Under corrupt Obasanjo, Yar'adua and Jonathan, the EFCC recovered over $12billion. How much has Buhari administration recovered that we will not hear word again. Have they recovered close to $1billion? So what is EFCC doing under Buhari that they did not do under past administration?

Can we as well say Obasanjo (he was the guy that even created EFCC), Yar'adua and Jonathan fought corruption because monies was recovered under their administration? Did Obasanjo not recover money from PDP top shots and even sent same PDP top shots to jail? Did Jonathan not do same? So why is Buhari disturbing us with anti-corrultion propaganda?

The present EFCC chairman has worked with the commissiom for years, if he is truthful, he will admit that he is not doing anything special. The statistics are there. If an opposition party takes over soon, they will still recover loots from Buhari administration lay claim to 'fighting corruption' and the propaganda will continue.

If I tell you that I want to fight deforestation in my village and then you elect me as the village head and upon assuming office I decide to go after the officials of the past village heads for felling trees in the past, meanwhile my own officials are busy felling trees and making their money, will it be right for me to say I am fighting deforestation?

This is exactly what President Buhari is doing. Fighting past officials while his own officials are doing the same thing he is fighting past officials for.

Is Buhari not aware of what Fashola is doing in the Ministry of Works by inflating contracts, is Buhari not aware that NDDC is using monies meant for development projects in the Niger Delta to fund the APC party in the south south? Is Buhari not aware that his brothers in the army and navy are making millions of Naira daily through illegal bunkering activities in Niger Delta. Is Buhari not aware that no serving Colonel in the army can afford to own an empty plot of land on Banana Island, yet his own COAS own a house in Dubai? Is Buhari not aware that Rotimi Amaechi used Rivers state funds to fund his presidential election? Was it not under Buhari that over 200 million Naira was uses to clear grass? Should I continue?

You that think Buhari is fighting corruption, can you tell me one thing Buhari is doing that last administration did not do? What is the EFCC doing under Buhari that they did not do under Obasanjo and Jonathan?

We are just bloody hypocrites in Nigeria. We enjoy hypocrisy. Look. I have visited the hometowns of several past state governors in Nigeria. There is nothing those past governors did that the present governors are not doing and me or you will not do if we become governors tomorrow. Prebendalism (check it out kn google) and corruption are inevitable features of our criminal unitary feeding bottle system in Nigeria. You cannot operate under the Nigerian system and not become corrupt. I repeat, you cannot operate under the Nigerian political system and not become corrupt. Only ignorant people are unaware of this.

If I become a state governor tommorow and after four years, I have not tarred most the streets in my village and make some associates become millionaires, will you not join others to call me a stupid man?

If after four years Buhari is not able to open up Daura from its poor ancient look into a modern town, will you not join others to call him a stupid man just the way people are currently calling Jonathan a stupid man for not opening up Otueke? That is the Nigerian standard. If you do, you are corrupt, if you do not do, you are both stupid and corrupt.

Ibori the Delta state born thief is a hero in the Delta today not because of the money he stole but because of the value he added to lives and communities in the Delta.

You that is saying Buhari is fighting corruption, what value has his anti-corruption fight added to your life and that of your community? What value has the Buhari presidency added to your life?

The Nigerian system is structured to make every leader become corrupt and a failure. By the time the system is done ruining the little integrity left of Buhari, he would wish he never contested for the Presidency.

Nigeria is built on corruption and Nigeria is sustained by corruption. The day we decide to end corruption in Nigeria, Nigeria will cease to exist as we know it. A new Nigeria will born. Buhari does not have what it takes to bring this new Nigeria. He is one of the beneficiaries of the present corrupt system, so nobody should expect him to have the required political will to change the system.

The federal government is a rogue institution. It is both a thief and and operates as a terrorist institution. Have you asked yourselve how the federal government makes its own money? The crude oil money which Abuja and FG survives on, does it belong to the federal government? The millions of Dollar found in Yakubu's house, who is the real owner of the money? Does it belong to NNPC or FG or the poor oil cmmunities who the FG have continously raped and left underdeveloped? Is that one not corruption too? The federal govt is stealing from oil communities so are officials of the federal govt stealing from it. Its a vicious circle. We are all complicit. And it will remain so for a long time.

Do not be deceived, Buhari is not fighting any corruption. There is nothing he is doing that past leaders did not do. Check the statistics and records. The man is as rogue as the leaders before him. The only difference between Buhari and past leaders is the use of social media and propaganda.

Nobody can fight corruption in Nigeria without restructuring Nigeria. Nigeria is structured to survive on corruption, to fight corruption, you must restructure the stucture of Nigeria.

Until we are ready to do the right thing, people should just shut up, stop falling for the propaganda and learn how Nigeria works. Until then, lets continue to enjoy the national mutual hypocrisy.

All the money that Abacha and his family stole did not put Nigeria into recession, it is this 'change' that recent criminals stole that has put Nigeria in recession.

Someone with a feaudalist orientation is destroying our hard earned capitalist economy and using 'anti-corruption' slogan as a cover up for his gross incompetence and you are here supporting and defending him.

How many liters of 'anti-corruption' fuel can take you from Katsina to Zamfara?

We are all in this mess together, anyway.


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