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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

KWARA@50: Kwara for SALE or SOLD?


KWARA STATE FOR SALE. It is very worrisome to hear that the proposed dubious LIGHT UP KWARA PROJECT CONTRACT .

IT IS REALLY A PITY. The said contract is worth 6 billion and payable to the contractor in ten years time. However, I believe the term of agreement of ten years is just to appease to those who might think that it is a good deal.

Haba, the so called leader of those who can't reason beyond their noses. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Where on earth are you taking all these money to. Haba! Haba! Haba!. If your target is the Presidency come 2019, then u have so many issues to contend with and the heads of millions of Kwarans that you have cheated will religiously work against u insha Allah.
The senior special assistant to the dubious Senate president has bought fleet of vehicles which himself and his master in crime intend to share to people to mark the 50 years of the creation of our dear state. Alas, a very bad decision. If u give a car to someone who has been finding it really difficult to feed his family or pay the school fees of his children, if I may ask, have you done any good to such person so please don't lavish the tax payers money instead empower people so that they can be problem solvers in their various areas. 

Before I conclude, I will remind you that 2019 is going to be a different ball game in Kwara State poilitics bcos the moment a fool becomes wise, then the so called wise man is in for a serious trouble. Ma asalam.
~By Olaide. (Edited version)
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