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Friday, 17 February 2017


Kwara Stete Police Command Orders Stoppage of the Ongoing Peace Corps Camp in Offa 

Peace Corps Camp in Offa
Information reaching us from the Kwara state Police command has it that the ongoing training of the newly recruited members of the PeaceCorps nf Nigerian in Offa has been stopped. The Authority in the camp have also order the trainees to go home assuring them not to entertain any fear that they are enlisted memebers of the organisation already.
THE Nigerian Police had instructed the Camp authority to halt further activities relating to the ongoing camp and disperse the cadets eith immidiate alacrity. This is not unconnected with that facts in the Camp, that the cadets are seriously paying for the absolute administrative flops and lack of coordination from the part of the authority
Nigerians are yet to recover fully from the last deadly recruitment exercise conducted by NIS through the ministry of Interior affairs under the supervision of the Estranged Abbah Moro. But that was just a comedy when compared to this gory journey embarked upon by most Nigerian youths who are desperately in search of federal government jobs.

Recall yesterday we brought you the sad news of how one of the officers of the corps killed a cadet and how some of them were terribly attacked by dangerous animals in the wilderness they called camp.

Today, I bring to you the conditions of sleeping of these helpless cadets who are ordinarily looking for jobs. The cadets inside the Bush have to cut leaves branches to make houses for themselves in the thick forest.
Our agent who was at the camp told us plainly that there is no provision for water, the indigenous Offa residents have already turned that into advantage as a Jerican of water is sold to cadet at #350 while satchet water is #20. As at the time of this report, many of the cadets have not taken a single bath since assumption to the camp due to inability to afford the high cost of water. Some females cadets are even smelling due to accumulation of dirty pads and undies.

Reports indicates that about 8000 (eight thousands) boys and girls are drafted to this camp for the one month regimented training. Each of the 8000 candidates are also made to pay another #5000 in the camp as what they tagged developmental levies.

Also, each of the 8000 candidates had paid a sum of #41,500 for the enrollment which landed them all in this wilderness. Nigerian government should take necessary action to tame the high level corruption and exploitation ongoing in Peace corps before it generates into what will be uncontrollable

The Bill to make the body a constitutional and recognised legal security institution is also awaiting the Presidential assent.
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