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Monday, 13 February 2017

Buhari Media Centre: What I know about it

Since Prof. Farooq Kperogi made his 'revelation' about Buhari Media Center (BMC), many persons have come out with their own analysis. Is the name really BMC and is it truly secret?

In 2015, soon after President Muhammadu Buhari won election, modalities were put in place to accommodate most persons who worked for him on the social media, NOT journalists, but mainly top bloggers and social media influencers.
Garba Shehu was saddled with the responsibility and he gave the office which Atiku used as his media office to the team and named it BUHARI MEDIA ORGANIZATION (BMO). The condition for working there was that everyone selected has to relocate to Abuja. Most persons especially Lagos bloggers refused to relocate, even though less than 10 of them did. The money was penned at N250,000 monthly, which was too meagre for yours sincerely.

None of those working there use pen names but names already known with them on social media. Most of the persons who finally accepted the work are mainly on twitter and owners of powerful blogs.

From what I was told in 2015, the salaries would be paid by a certain rich Alhaji who's in support of Buhari and the place will be headed by Garba Shehu. My question then was "is this man so rich that he will pay 50 persons N12.5 million monthly without contracts from Buhari and in turn inflate it just to accommodate BMO?

Lauretta Onochie who's Buhari's PA on Social media was a member of the team. That was why I was the first to announce that Buhari had penned her down for the position 6 months before it happened.

There's no denying the fact that BMO exists but they don't use pseudonym to write. I remember that when it started, salaries were usually delayed until Garba stepped in to settle it.

But here's the shocker, over N100 million has been budgeted in 2017 budget for BMO in the name of bloggers meeting.

My last visit there was September 2016. It's a cream color one storey building located at Okonjo-Iweala drive with a black gate and enough parking space inside.

BMO exists but until 2017 budget came out, I'm not aware that the presidency pays them, even though the truth may have been hidden from some of us.

~Fejiro Oliver via Uteteneigiabi Tsar
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