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Saturday, 18 February 2017

El-Rufai is the official Spokesman of the Fulani murderers

We have record of all your wickedness

You killed Shiites and imprisoned their leader
You paid Fulani murderers in SK
You arrested John Danfulani
You arrested Luka Biniyat
You are threatening Gloria Ballason
You are threatening all Southern Kaduna people who defend themselves
You threatened Pastors
The invitation of Apostle Suleman by DSS you masterminded it
You threatened to demolish Gbagyi Villa
You threatened to ban religion by bringing one evil bill
You closed Assemblies of God Church Saminaka for almost 2 years now with a stupid excuse of security. 
You are the official Spokesman of the Fulani murderers
You have shown clearly you are only the Governor of Northern Kaduna State
You said it's in Churches attacks are plan in SK
YOU said Pastors use the killings in SK to solicit for money abroad
Hate speeches is your second name 30:70 your imaginery divisive ratio.
You couldn't arrest even 1 single Fulani terrorist instead you are sending food stuff to them.
Now you arrested Audu Maikori because he spoke against the killing of his people.

You are in Saudi Praying

Praying to which god with all these wickedness
Which god will answer the Prayer of a wicked man?

Your days are numbered. Ask yourself how did Pharaoh and Nebucchanezzer ended?

Anybody you see pointing fingers at other people he is just distracting people from noticing the evil in him. ELRUFAI is Evil and he is deeply involve in the killings in Southern Kaduna

Kaya Ba saya muke ba , bamu akeyi ........A Fulani terrorist was heard boasting before the attack on Goska 24th December 2016
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