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Monday, 13 February 2017

Nigerian Youths Must Form Alternative Party for Nigeria

It's unfortunate that the Youth of these country can not come together and form their own Political party. Like the right wing Alternative for Germany (German: Alternative für Deutschland ) or AfD. Which is doing very well now in Germany. why don't we also have a party call Alternative for Nigeria (AFN)

Anywhere these 1967 set of Nigerians like OBJ and TY Danjuma push us we follow. Same people that destroyed this country are the same people we the youths follow.
What can ATIKU or Tinubu offer?
What can Buhari offer
What can Kwakwaso or Saraki offer
What can John Oyegun Offer
What can Makarfi or Raymond Dokpesi Offer
What can Sule Lamido or Elrufai offer.
What can Uzor Orji Kalu offer

The earlier the youths of Nigeria start thinking of how to takeover these country from these people the better.

Height of greed is when a state governor after spending 8 years decides to take a shot at the senate to become a senator. Whereas he collects pension of about N300m every year with other benefits.And don't be surprise he also collects pension where he must have worked before if it's government. And like voodoo thesame youths help them to get there.

Nigeria as I always say is not a nation it's a Jungle until the day you the youths say no to these People and take up your rightful place.
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