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Saturday, 4 February 2017


One of the virtue of a real man is his ability to accept his mistakes and wrongdoing. All along I have always criticize government policies and not personality or administration (at least not half way), but at the junction with the police ban on 2face protest, I make bold to say I regret ever campaigning or voting for president Mohammadu Buhari. It should be noted that I have no iota of regret Nigerians replace Goodluck Jonathan, it's the best thing we have done for ourselves in decade, but I regret he was replaced by PMB. 

Why on earth will you turn a democratic govt to a military rule? Protest started in America from day one of president Trump's administration, yet no ban was place on them with any flimsy excuse 'cos it's their civil right. If police knows 2face cannot control the crowd why can't they provide accurate and necessary cover for him? Afterall that's why they are there. I was not going to join the protest; but how on earth will you deny some people of their fundamental right? Is that not crazy? Honestly am seriously considering joining the protest right and conversing people to join too. Are we in a zoo (question for the presidency)?

Who controls who? Is the DSS, Police, EFCC &co. the ones reporting to the president or vice versa. Does that means he can't call his boys to order? Or are they rather acting on his order? Is he been a weakling with them or he's really a tyrant that they call him. At least if he cannot fix our economy, he shouldn't take away our civil right from us.

#let2faceprotest #istandwith2face #let'sfixNigeria.

Akinwande Olawale
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