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Saturday, 4 February 2017

#istandwith2baba: Salvation will come but not from These barbaric leaders

The only reason for a change will/can be occasioned by disagreement. Disagreement with status quo,a believe in a better way of doing things; this is a major condition for change.

Any country or leadership needs an opposition,a credible opposition to fine tune a position and make a logical headway for a better stand - this again,I call change.

My country doesn't have any credible position now to check its activities or fine tune any position but a lot of Alagbadarians' and
'KAFTANIST' who are simply opportunist who feed on the Naivety of its nation to get fatter.
Many of these loud politicians,Youths or Not or who hold office are not there to serve but to be served.
If my people do not have any constituted representative,it is fair for us to show in a fair protest our discontent for this style of leadership.

The country's financial terrain is hard and tell me how many politicians feel this pang truely?
The way is not just to dethrone but to make public our discontent and if it falls on a deaf ear then we will understand fully that we are being managed by tyrants and then the public can know how to meet such with its tactics and force.

Salvation will come but not in the dispensation of barbaric leaders who have no respect for our views and even rule of law.Our leaders are fast escalating corruption and creating a big culture of it.

I will march with 2face come feb6 to show disregard for this hard leadership style. We seem not to have any working mechanism of our economy any longer,Exchange keeps climbing the roof and life keeps getting worse for the common Man.

This time,its not about politics, its about us.

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