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Friday, 10 February 2017

Have you read the Financial Times report about President Buhari?

It is an interesting read, however, there is one error I saw in the report.

The report made use of the words 'federal fund' and made the thirty-six states look parasitic for depending on this federal fund. This is a misrepresentation of facts.

It is actually the federal government that is the parasite in the Nigerian federal-state govt relationship.

Anyway, I like that part when the writer stated clearly that no capable hand can succeed under the Nigerian system. He went further to state that the system is designed to fail. I am happy foreign observers are beginning to understand this.
I also agree with the writer when he said whether Buhari is dead or alive, it makes no difference.

Afterall, he has been alive for two years in office and he could not perform, is it now that he is getting sick that we will expect him to perform?

President Buhari needs to resign in the overall interest of Nigeria.

And Osinbanjo must understand that nobody can succeed under the feeding bottle system, not even a prophet of God.


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