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Monday, 6 February 2017

PROTEST: You can be pro-Buhari, but be against the political and economic saboteurs

Wishing President Buhari a quick recuperation. And to all those agile youths who think it’s weird for President Buhari (a mortal like you) to undergo a serious medical procedure, wait until you’re 70 years old.

Simultaneously, I’m wishing all those brave protesters well for their willingness to expose the current economic debacle that is ravaging the land. And for those who think that a protest is not necessary (or fruitless), I honestly think those people are one of the problem of problems facing our volatile nation—Nigeria.
During the campaign season, the government promised to provide jobs and economic stability, but it has not delivered: Concerned people called for a protest to remind the government of its promises, but you bailed out, and your Facebook wall is plastered with the critique of everything that is wrong with the protest. And you think that only President Buhari needs a serious medical check, really? My advice: Call your doctor for a quick CT scan of your head, my friend.

It’s only in Nigeria that you’ve to be pro-Buhari (regardless of the policy being undertaken by this administration). As my American friends will say: THAT’S FUCKED UP.

You can be pro-Buhari, but be against the political and economic saboteurs (and there are plenty of them) in the Buhari administration: In fact, our beautiful first lady alluded to this reality, but she was quickly repatriated to the “bedroom.” The speed at which Tuface, a political neophyte, was quickly crucified was faster than the speed that the Jews crucified Jesus for attempting to challenge the political establishment. Of course, Tuface is not Jesus, but my cognitive shortcut couldn’t find a clearer analogy than that.

Why do Nigerians conflate the likeability of President Buhari to the dislikeability of President Buhari’s misguided policies? The two are two different things. For instance, I like former President Obama, but I also spent two weeks writing a well-researched 3,950-word article that was critical of the man. That doesn’t make me a sworn enemy of former President Obama; in fact, I’m a super fan, but I can still have a philosophical disagreement with some of his policies. It’s the beauty of democracy. But it’s antithetical to the spirit of democracy that you’ve been cheering and endorsing (via Facebook) protest against President Trump, three weeks old presidency, but you’ve been grumbling and sad that people are protesting against President Buhari, a two-year old presidency.

My fellow Nigerians, you can be pro-Buhari, and still disagree with some of his policies: This contrasting views serve you well. You become a “chess pawn” to the Nigerian political cartel when you irrationally make flimsy excuses for its nonperformance.

MY FELLOW NIGERIANS, you don’t have to study political science to understand that “politics is all about self-interest.” From now on, look out for your own self-interest, not that of politicians that have repeatedly screwed you.

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