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Sunday, 5 February 2017

On President Buhari: We Watch, We Wait!

Without a shred of doubt, President Buhari is VERY ILL. We are humans and our body is programmed to deteriorate and decay. Here is a 74 year old man, who has a lingering health issue. Unfortunately, his incompetent and arrogant media team feeds the frenzy. I read Femi Adesina's puerile statement on the extention notice and I could only exhale.
I understand why people are worried. The spectacle of Yar'Adua is still fresh in our memories. However, President Buhari is not Yar'Adua. He fulfilled the constitutional requirements by duly handing over to the Vice President. Again, he wrote to the National Assembly as required. As far as I am concerned, there is no reason to panic. God forbid, if President Buhari loses his health battle, it will be announced to us. If all else fails, the "Owners of Nigeria Inc.," will do what they have always done - they take the country back and pull it from the brink. For now, we watch, we wait! May God heal Mr. President. That is it!

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